Life is Great in America, Wouldn't You Agree?

These last 10 years have been a real ride, that’s for sure.

10 years ago, we were in a pretty bad recession. Now the “Roaring 20’s” meme is spreading.

10 years ago, industries were dumping American employees by the tens of thousands and fleeing to other countries. Now businesses are forced to compete to keep hourly workers in low-skill jobs.

10 years ago, we were neck deep in two grinding combat campaigns. Now our Veterans are getting real options in their post-military lives.

10 years ago, we were paying 4-5 bucks a gallon for gasoline.

10 years ago, unemployment was 9.7%. Now it’s 3.7%, which is also lower than it was on the day of 9/11 (~5%).

How are y’all enjoying America today? I’m making more in peacetime CONUS than I ever did warmongering for Obama (not that war wasn’t lucrative, don’t get me wrong), everyone I keep up with is currently employed or enjoying retirement, and most of my friends have either a degree or a trade skill now. Some have even gone on to open their own businesses.

10 years ago, I would’ve never imagined this country or my life to be where things are now. I’m thankful to be born in a country I can talk ■■■■ about without having my tongue cut out, and joyed for my friends that have pursued their own greatness over the years. They could’ve just whined and cried when things were bad, but they pressed forward, and now they don’t have to whine and cry about things going well.

Are you better off now than you were 10 years ago? How was your life in 2009 compared to now?


Great post, @SixFoot

I think the thing is that people like you and I look at the economy and potential for people to grow. We want conditions that foster that. We want conditions that allow people to work and provide. To take pride in the accomplishments. Such as being able to open a business, because they are optimistic, work hard and even to become employers.

I’m not sure I understand how people can be so down on all of the great things happening once again. People are flourishing. Black unemployment is at an all time low. These are good things. These are great things and it is what America is supposed to be about.

Quite frankly, in 2009 I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Today, I have great optimism and am happy to see the country on a positive path. A positive path for Americans. I can only hope that we continue in the same direction.


Well said.

I had a great day today.


I’m glad to hear that Sneaky. I think when we have optimism for tomorrow it makes today (both the ups and the downs) more bearable.


Because … Trump.


Way better off now… but mostly because I have driven my career to new heights as a result of rapid growth in cybersecurity.

However just because I am doing well, doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways we can be better in America. It isn’t a bad thing to want to criticize government, even when I am doing well.

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I would love to see any evidence you’re willing to provide of people gnashing their teeth over black unemployment numbers.

Maybe. But I am not sure many people are down economically. They are down on Trumps mouth.

Trump is a very negative person.

Even despite that… the economy Obama built is still doing well under Trump. I commend him for that. But not his mouth.


If people are doing well why should it matter?


Not a single person… there are still areas to improve in that regard. But overall low unemployment is good.

The raising economy lift all boats… but there are still boats with holes in them. Let’s fix those holes.


I’ve always been very self-aware of my current situations and circumstances. My life has made me defensive like that. The recession wasn’t as bad for me as it was for others. I was used to much worse by that point as I had already been homeless from 2000 - 2003. Oddly enough, even when I slept in a ditch, I still bought my own cigarettes. It was only bad for me because I was still poor, not because Obama hurt my feelings by winning the election.

The general outlook I choose to keep is, “how can I maximize my opportunities under my current circumstances?” and it serves me just as well in times of peace and plenty as it did in times of hunger and despair.

10 years ago, I was trying to die in combat in order to provide for my wife. Now I’m halfway done saving up for my new Fresh Breeze with my excess.

It makes a huge difference when people seek to better themselves than when people seek to complain about others.

Because … Trump.

Just listen to the 20 marionettes in the debates to see that.

To many people it doesn’t matter. The ends justify the means. Trump can be caught on tape calling me the n word to my face… and people who love him because they got a few extra dollars in their pocket would ignore it.

A growing economy is hard to look away from. Only thing more divisive than racism is money. People will let a lot of stuff slide… just to keep the money flowing.


Where is that in that post?

It always warms my heart to hear someone recount building their own success in life.

That always sounded like a fun industry to be a part of. It was a lot of fun back in the day defacing competitive websites before the laws got so strict. I imagine it’s a ton more fun for the guy who solves the vulnerabilities though.

Oh dear. Negative Nelly.

You can look it up yourself. Or, you can just be Mr. Sour Grapes.


Cheerleaders hate it when the opposing team wins the game just as much as the actual players who competed. Maybe even more. :man_shrugging:

I’m curious why she felt the need to identify black unemployment to @Auto129. Is he black?

It’s not “a few extra dollars” dude, it’s a job. Jobs change every thing.

It’s very interesting and stressful. We don’t focus enough on the widespread issues that cyber warfare can bring…that’s liberals and cons.