Lie lie and then lie somemore

Pence claims 90% dont show up to hearings…
It’s more like 80% do show up.

This is what we are dealing with…the Steve Bannon approach to politics. Lie and dont give a ■■■■ if you are wrong. Keep going…keep lying. Keep on the offensive with ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ those voters who dont pay attention till 30 days out.

Lie lie lie


That tracks with the integrity of this administration.

This lie has been dispelled before. But hey …

From June, 2018 … from the evil “liberal media” Politifact (:laughing::laughing:)

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From right there in your link:

Pence may have been referencing numbers provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), however.

A DHS official told the Post that almost 90 percent of migrants who were part of a fast-track initiative called the “rocket docket,” which looks to complete cases in under one year, didn’t show up for hearings.

“As of April 2019, out of approximately 7,700 total removal orders for rocket docket cases, over 6,700 were in absentia. That’s 87 percent," a Department of Homeland Security official said when contacted by the Post.

I trust the media more than the government to tell the truth.

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I trust my 8 year old more than this administration


Add ankle bracelets and the percentage is like 99.6% court appearance and 91% court order compliance. ADTs (Alternative to Detention) methods cost about $6 per day rather than the $700+ for these detention centers.

That explains a lot.

A weird response from a so-called conservative. The media is the private sector, you know.

What ever gave you idea he was a conservative? For one he is a Trump supporter and Trump is not conservative, he is a NYC Liberal which is to say he hates minorities but loves the rich people. Trump is out to fundamentally change how America has been run for last 242 years(243 in few days) that is definitely not a conservative( tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions ), Trump and his supporters aim to change US govt to in Trump’s case to further his own wealth and in his supporters case to make America into a Authoritative Theocracy.