Libya Uncovers Alleged Russian Plot to Meddle in African Votes

All it takes is one tweet for it to go viral. Here’s a perfect example of a bot completely doing its damage on a massive scale.


this is the post that Putin banks on.

that’s actually the beauty of it for Putin. it doesn’t cost a fortune anymore to affect/reach millions.

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Let us know when Putin gets to this level of interference in Libya…

Secretary of State Clinton’s succinct reflection on the US mission in Libya. We came, we saw, he died.

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They did not just “try”, they successfully meddled.
Considering Trump won by a little over 70k votes, over 3 states the Russians targeted, the effect was enough to change the outcome.

You think that roughly 6% of Florida Democrats stayed home because of Russia?

You’d think so.

I don’t know but it got pretty darn ugly in the last few weeks. The email thing sure was strategically timed for maximum effect, but who “released” the hacked emails at that time?

Blaming Russia for the election loss is the denial stage of the grieving process. I mean she lost to the Celebrity Apprentice guy. Why was that even close?

And yes plenty of Russians don’t like the Clintons. The whole Yeltsin thing had consequences.

I remember a segment i saw on TV once. They went around a college campus asking people if they wanted to ban h2o. They did…

Then I listened to a podcast about right wing pages on. Facebook and how it was major money ginning up outrage over stories. Until Facebook changed its policies.

Picking off 20000 in Wisconsin isnt exactly that hard to do.

So your making the argument the USA isnt any better…true.we invaded Libya for no real reason and we shouldn’t have. That doesnt make what Russia is doing any less terrible.

You see that’s a good point. However, I think the focus there should be clearly on Facebook and their algorithms (similarly with Youtube). I mean Russia’s attempt to influence on our legislation was minimal/half-assed. And it is a bit rich for us to be complaining about influencing another countries political situation. Guaidó says hi.

Huh? I’m not blaming anybody, just raising questions that don’t seem to have clear cut answers. I can’t stand Clinton, she’s a crook. The denial is coming from the right.

Sorry, that post was more of a general statement. It wasn’t aimed at you specifically. I should have been more clear.

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It’s a little deeper than Facebook ads.

Sure, but do you think the facebook algorithm leading people to Breitbart articles regularly was less of a factor than whatever a bunch of Russian hackers did?

Eh…that’s kinda baked in…mimicking a black lives matter group in order to lie is a little different than BB.

I have a hard time believing that a fake BLM facebook group was more significant than facebook regularly leading people to the most viewed right wing website at the time.

The problem with the Russia narrative, besides being ridiculous, is that it allows people to blame Russia for the results of the election without any significant self-reflection.

Not only that it results in a weird ass hatred for Russia. We are in a thread about how Russia is meddling in Libyan politics.And we are supposed to be mad about that. For some reason. 2011 didn’t happen.

We argued on Facebook if a dress was blue or gold and you are having a hard time over this? You give humans too much credit.

Did you read the report? Did you read the texts between Manafort and our host on how Manafort wasnt gonna give up trump or Kushner.

I didnt vote for Hillary or trump but I know lying con men when I see some.

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I mean we are ok once you get to know us.

I did not.

I did vote for Hillary. Colorado is a swing state so I wasn’t going to mess around with Jill Stein this time. Not that it mattered. lol.


That’s a issue.

I’m in ohio…still had my principles…I knew what we would get with trump…America needed this