Libya... Gee, thanks Obama and Hillary

We have no clue why Obama, Hillary and McCain bombed Libya into chaos, but it’s still in chaos and this ancient roman city is now endangered says UN… We know Hillary was quite amused by her actions in Libya. " We came. We saw, He died, Hahahahahahahaha". Yes, Hillary is so mindless, she has no clue how many civilians died for her yucks, and such a psychopath she does not care.

"Since the toppling and killing of Libya’s dictator Moamer Kadhafi in a 2011 uprising, Sabratha has become a key departure point for illegal migration.

Smugglers and militias have profited amply from a chronic security vacuum.

It is from the long and deserted shores a few kilometres (miles) from ancient Sabratha that most migrants start their perilous boat journeys towards Europe.

  • ‘Permanent danger’ -

UNESCO declared Sabratha to be at risk in July 2016, along with four other Libyan sites on its World Heritage list."

Because Kadhafi was threatening to murder an entire city worth of civilians and they thought sitting on the sidelines while such an act occurred would be unacceptable.

Sure we do. Why don’t you? Why do you think this was a bad thing? Specifics please.