Libs world is crashing down around em

I warned you all, I predicted this. Everything you knew, everything you were told, everything you fought and believed in is crashing down around you.

And now their is nothing left but anger, bitterness and resentfulness.

And now you know my nefarious reason for my support for Trump.

So my question is whats next?

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Trump’s popularity numbers went down 4 points in one week. That’s whats next.

Our economy is roaring as I predicted it will…I said we may witness the largest economic growth that we seen in decades…in most cases in your lifetime. And you all laugh.

Obama lost decade will soon be over.

You backed a long shot and got lucky. That didn’t take any skill on your part. Congrats. But no need to keep spiking the ball two years later.

Dow drops 400 points due to trade war fears…soaring!


You had a nefarious reason? Who knew?

Anyway, my world is not crashing and burning.

Still chuckling at the Clown Parade!

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May being the key word.

as in North Korea may give up their nukes. LOL

and there may be world peace.


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Out of curiosity, what metrics are you using to back that statement?

2% grow is Roaring?


In what ways is it roaring differently than it was when it was handed to him? By every metric I have seen he has only continued the positive trajectory it was already on. Congrats on not screwing it up, I guess.

Thanks Obama!


Yet the bond market is inching closer to predicting a recession.

And what happened to you guys screaminghow this debt would be crippling is for generations???

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I back a person that I knew could unseat Bush and Clinton gang.

I backed a person that I knew could take the Rustbelt.

I backed a person that I knew would create jobs. People with jobs don’t depend on goverment…and thus create more conservative attitude towards life.

I knew Trump would under everything Obama had done.

And I specially knew Trump would drive you guys crazy.

So yeah…I backed a long shot if that is what you want to believe.


how is job growth doing int he Rustbelt? they are going to vote for Trump again…

More fanfic from you, doubtless.

Looks like he is doing quite a bit to stem that economic benefit he inherited.

It is an amazing site to behold the undoing of conservatism at the behest of a clown who has taken control.


Trump’s entire campaign was animated by resent. Didn’t you notice or were you too busy wallowing in it?

More jobs were created under Obama in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 than under Trump in 2017.

2013: 2.302 million
2014: 2.998 million
2015: 2.713 million
2016: 2.240 million
2017: 2.188 million


That is what I believe. Even Trump’s own family didn’t think he would win. It’s great you support Trump. Enjoy yourself. But don’t play up this “I saw all this happening bull ■■■■.” Cause no one saw this coming.

If you say so.

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