Libs, so you think the D.C 4th of July party too expensive?

Ok. to all you libs who have suddenly become deficit hawks. Let this sink in. The amount of money that this event will cost is equal to roughly 20 seconds worth of federal spending. Your government spent more money in the time I spent to type this, than the entire 4th of July event. And this where you are choosing to draw your spending line in the sand? Whatever.

This lib doesn’t care that we spend money. Just like cons don’t care either. This lib cares about what we spend money on. However in this specific case there’s more behind this than just money.

Having a celebration like this is authoritarian 101. Trump admires Kim and Putin and the “strength” they show with their Military parades. “Your favorite President” is also making this about him. I fully expect a campaign speech rather than a celebration of our freedom.

taking funding from somewhere else to fund his dictator parade is sad. Why not use his own money? Have all his “patriots” donate to fund his NK-style parade.

Plenty of resources.


So your objection is to the participation of the military in the festivities?

Washington ordered double rations of rum issued to all soldiers to mark the anniversary of independence in 1778. Wonder what that cost.

I was very clear in my response. You sometimes ask way too many unnecessary questions

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I simply feel that it makes us look weak in optics. I would feel the same regardless of who was in office.

What are you basing your math on? We don’t know the cost of this latest soiree, but last August when Trump attempted to have one estimates ran north of $90 million. That is far more than 20 seconds worth of federal spending.

There is a big difference between those who are liberal, and those who are Fifth Column socialist/communist activists. Who are you really talking about?


Without a Fifth Column Media and Yellow Journalism [our MSM], the crisis at our southern border would never have grown to what now amounts to an outright invasion and threatens the general welfare of the United states.

Why are you asking liberals if they care. You should be asking conservatives. They don’t seem to care about deficits anymore. Sad.


Well- since you know how the fledgling US ended up financing the debt rung up during the Revolutionary War…did the soldiers really get that double ration of rum for free?

What happened there was more akin to me taking you out to dinner, paying for it at the time, but then sticking you with a bill for it plus interest some time later…at gunpoint.


Obama was reducing the deficit he inherited. Libs walked the walk on the deficit with both Clinton and Obama. One thing libs have never done is run $1trillion deficits at full employment. But we forgot you hate “both parties”


We have to take money from National Parks entrance fees, meant for parks maintenance, to finance the extravaganza revolving around Donnie. That’s what people are not happy about.

This was already an event with it’s own budget. Until Donnie took it over to make it all about him.



Inheriting a $1.3trillion deficit during a fiscal crisis, 800k jobs being lost a month with major banks collapsing, and cutting it 60%+, is just like inheriting a $475bil deficit with <5% unemployment, then doubling it to $1trillion deficit at 3.8% UE and one of the longest job growth streaks in history.

But I hate both parties. I just cannot say anything positive about libz if it makes Lord trump look bad.


This liberal doesn’t care that the celebration costs money. I seem to recall drain the swamp and a goal to end waste, fraud and abuse things republicans championed. To me it’s hilarious to see republicans and conservatives embrace both with open arms. I think a military parade is great, and hope everyone celebrates and honors our fighting heros.

If he reads what I assume is a prepared non-partisan speech written for him it’ll be dull and boring. I hope trump unleashed on the Dems in his speech. it’ll be way more fun and will show him as the petulant, immature ■■■■■■■■ we know him to be. The more childish names the better.


“Democrats are deficit hawks now” is code for “I’m a Trump supporter who will defend $1trillion deficits at full employment”


Don’t worry, republicans and conservatives will go back to fretting over what things cost as soon as a dem is back in office.


No need for tanks, that’s a waste of money.


He won’t tell us how much it costs, so probably. We know for sure it wasn’t budgeted for.

Wait…so because libs want to spend money making sure all americans have health care, we have to allow spending money to drive tanks around the city?


if we go by what the estimates were for the planned parade last August, the costs would be many, many times what the OP claims they are.

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