Libs know the public does not want them


Lib politicians have long pretended to be moderate. Libs do it here too… pretending to be something that they are not. Why? They know their beliefs are not acceptable to most real Americans.
They get elected pretending (lying) about their position on social and constitutional matters. Occasionally one gets caught before they get into office.


It’s a feature. Not a bug.


That was good!


I think Dems are doing fine with the public.

Most commonly cited concern is lack of government leadership.


Most “real Americans” LOL

you know I live in the “real American” state and we ban assault firearms.

In that district in New York (NY-21) they have a different opinion.

and it behooves a candidate not to be for assault firearms ban.

you have to know your constituents.

Its like if a candidate was running in my “real American” state and ran on an anti-gay platform.

Thats great in Texas, not so great in Jersey.

If you want to be a liberal politician move to a liberal area.



A Trumplican posting about a candidate who will lie to their constituents.



Mexico will pay for the wall, dontchaknow…



Where’s Xavier Becerra? He was the face of the dems for a while. Making cooperating with ICE a crime etc… He was all over the news stoking the “resistance” and pushing states rights.

Now, all I see is old white guy spokesmen for dems, lately. And they say dems don’t want open borders…Hmmmmm?


Trump has a team down there working on that right now…


Trump is 72
McConnell Is 76

Two old white guys are the leaders of the Trumplican Party.


And Paul Ryan is their little withered eunuch.



Boy are you are cultist.



At least they’re not surrendering to Putin, like your boy.