Libs: Is Trump really the reason your people have lost their minds?

Are you seriously going with that argument? As we know, Biden supporters are among some of the most violent people you will ever meet. They are either committing violence, defending violence or remaining silent. All three acts are despicable. So now democrats are claiming that it’s not their fault. Somehow, some way Trump forced them to blind cops. commit arson, vandalism, assault, murder. and general mayhem. The libs had no choice. It’s all the fault of Trump he made them crazy.

You people who actually believe this need to find a good shrink. Bizarre.


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The left needs a boogeyman to exist…without one what would they do?

Take racism for example. If racism is wiped out today…how will they react? What would happen to their party?

They need racism to exist so they can exist.

Like Hildawg for the right?

Take abortion for example… if it were wiped out today… how will they react? What would happen to their party?

They need abortion to exist so that they can exist.

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It’s really better this way. Not the violence, but the emotional, irrational people, because emotional, irrational people make stupid, often fatal mistakes and they have been making them for years now.

But still, call off the goons joe.

I don’t think any of the “Biden supporters” are violent provocateurs. I don’t think those people are going to vote at all.

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Oh some of them will vote…they may not know they voted.

Biden had to blame Trump. He set in his basement for three months never making a comment, hoping the political aspects of this would go away…or perhaps just never realizing that burning businesses and lootings would have political reactions. When he realized the affect, it was obvious that these were the left, and virulent Trump haters. They were his and his parties kind of people. All he could do is blame Trump for upsetting them. What else could he do?
His problem is that argument only works on people who are also virulent Trump haters. For the rest, it just brings these riots and the complicity of local Democrat leaders to the forefront of the political news even more.
To me, I’m sticking with it resembles the old protection racket…support me and my supporters wont burn your town down.

I will admit that seeing the President do stupid crap on a daily basis is maddening. So there is that… I guess the constitution should have been more specific when it stated the President needed to be above the age of 35. They should have added ‘mentally’ in there.


This is your argument and you’re the one who believes it.


If…Trump is the reason…it’s going to get worse over the next four years.

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I have thought about what it is with Trump that brings out such a negative response and I just don’t understand it.

I cannot get a policy or personal explanation that matches the level of vitriol directed his way.

The only reason and way I can reconcile this is that it is about pure power and control and the DC established class will not let Trump gain entry to the class.


I am starting to see some momentum.

I won’t be bold enough to predict the outcome.

Trump needs to work like he is still 10 points down in every swing state.


And Trump voters need to pretend he’s behind too, so we don’t get complacent.

I wonder what the dems, and the world wide CCP left will do in October… Kind of scary!

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Pretty amazing to see Pro-trump marches in LA and Beverly hills…

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Without Trump they will do worse.


…and Portland.

Maybe. But the Trump supporters call for an end to the violence. The Biden supporters either call it “peaceful” blame Trump or simply choose remain silent. What’s that saying? Silence is what?

It’s not an argument. It’s an observation. And you’ve seen it too.

They are either committing violence, defending violence, blamingTrump or remaining silent. All four acts are despicable.

Yes. But what do you think about the brilliant stuff he’s done? Middle east peace deal, destruction of ISIS, Booming stock market, Prison reform. That kinda thing. Is that maddening too?