Libs habit of preying upon grievances

For power. They prey upon Christine Ford, they prey upon blacks, they prey upon other minorities, they prey upon the poor and yes they prey upon rape victims all for political gains and power.

They have no shame…they will use anyone to achieve their goal through whatever means necessary.


Very true. Victimizing for votes should be the liberal mantra. What makes this even worse is the useful idiots like Jeff flake who play right into the hands of Democrats. Herman Caine was right.

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Why do conservatives hate women and minorities so much?

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Which is why you will never defeat us. MU HA HA!

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Another thread brought to you by male menopause.


Cons have a habit of projection.


Trying to confirm facts via investigation is now “preying” on people?

Have I been transported to some sort of alternate universe??


The OP confuses “preying upon” with “addressing”.


Another Kavanaugh thread? Don’t these all belong in the One and Only?


Apparently “one and only” now means “multiple and plentiful.” :rofl:



Ever notice that faux-cons always tell you what they’re doing by pretending that someone else is doing it? It’s the backbone of AM radio. Well done, Conan. Thanks for clearing things up.


It seems like some posters here start a new thread with every complaint they can think of about the dems that pops into their heads. It’s always Festivus for them. Maybe they need a one and only thread about Democrats.


To be fair, conservatives prey on poor whites.

Both parties insult their constituents.

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I wish blacks and minorities and women would just let republicans dictate what their role is in society.

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Yes, the Dems and media think McCain is a saint now, but in 2008 he was a racist. Like anyone who runs against dems… DEms have no honor.

" McCain blows the dog whistle

Melissa McEwan

By linking Barack Obama with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, Republicans tap racist fears of black men and white women


This is a lesson in how dog whistles work.

"I grew up in the South. I know the code. I know it when I hear it, and I know how it works.

To the uninitiated, “code” is sometimes likened to a dog whistle, heard only by a particular audience, whose ears will perk up at the mention of particular words. The code has become somewhat of a tradition in American politics, a device used to summon closet racists …

You do realize it is a common practice to bury the hatchet over differences when someone is nearing death or when they pass away, right?

I’ve personally done it several times over the course of my life. It’s just the decent human thing to do.

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DEms called McCain Racist. They will trash anyone. It’s about dems not the senator…

Why do libs mentally rape em for political/power?

So preying on minorities and weak is cool?