Lib's God Father has spoken

Stop with impeachment talk, it’s harming libs.
Never mind the fact that he was the one that started it all by pushing the dossier.

“I’ve been through impeachment, and they’re not pleasant," the Nevada Democrat said. "And the less we talk about impeachment, the better off we are.”

did you really start a new thread to attack a single poster?

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You know what’s hilarious? We can see the original post before it was edited.

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That’s an interesting feature.

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What else can dems run on? Tax increases, more illegals, and BLM?

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I started another post but didn’t finish it. So for some reason that otehr quote shown up here.

But I fixed it. :nerd_face:

Infrastructure, daca, jobs, etc… all things that Trump has said he supports. No dem is going to be running on impeachment. Trump is a New York liberal after all.

You think dems can run on agreeing with Trump… OK.

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You know if the dems win the house Trump will be more than happy to work with ‘Chuck and Nancy’. He’s said as much a bunch of times. It’s the reps that have stymied his agenda. Remember his promise of best healthcare ever and a lot cheaper.

You think dems are going to run on fixing health care with Trump… OK…

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They’re probably gonna have to run on giving the most wealthy people massive tax cuts and exploding the debt. And loosening regulations on things like coal ash (like in Bama) and the added corruption Trump brought to DC.

So Maxine Waters represents all libs, but Reid is their godfather.

I’m sure ‘Chuck and Nancy’ can talk him into something. Right now Paul Ryan and MItch McConnell are obstructing his plan to give all Americans great health care.

By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t join this forum sooner. It’s a lot of fun.

I wonder why dems didn’t just go single payer when they had the chance in 2009?

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Dems don’t want Trump impeaced the same way the Allies stopped trying to kill Hitler by 1943. Both are/were doing more damage where they are than if they are removed.