Libs cage Mary, Joseph, and Jesus

Ahhh… those libs. Given a test “which of these things are alike” they would fail. Here they are trying to make a point but fail miserably.

They show Joseph and Mary with a newborn in an ICE prison, as though we would have caged them. What Libs forgot was that Mary and Joseph were supposed to go to their home country to be counted in a census… not some other country. Mary and Joseph abided by the law. They went home. The illegals should do likewise.

And the libs… well they should not try to pretend they understand any religious text except maybe the back of their holy box of spaghetti.

That’s sad.

Indiana church. You anti-religion now?

Indianapolis. Just cookies

Gotta go with Ish on this one.

Was a pretty stupid protest.

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Dumb protest. And your retort is retarded; if they broke the law then they’d be caged?

Apparently, their children would be.

What’s the problem here? Apparently no one seems to get it’s a symbolic protest. I don’t have a problem with it. In fact, I think it was a pretty good thing. Jesus himself probably would have gone along with this.

And it wasn’t done by “liberals.” It was done by a Catholic Church. In fact it was a cathedral, which is higher in rank than an ordinary parish church. Good work, Rev, Curtis.

And here’s a link with a more “fair and balanced” story.

To be accurate, they should have caged the baby Jesus a long way away from the Joseph and Mary.

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Like on different sides of the country. With no way for the parents to see their child.

Wouldn’t Mary, Jesus and Joseph have been illegal immigrants when they fled to Egypt to escape Herrod?

Lock them up! Deport them back to Bethlehem. Not our problem if Herrod is going to kill them.

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Not Catholic

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now that’s a legitimate asylum request. And if hoards of illegals are not clogging up the legitimate asylum process, they would be well taken care of.

Next lame attempt to slam Trump?

Fake news, that’s not a cage.

Episcopal church… the American version of the Anglican Church.
It is so liberal that it is causing a schism in the Anglican Church… telling the African sector of the church that they can go to hell regarding homosexers in the clergy. The Anglican church of Africa is holding fast to their Christian beliefs by loving the sinner but condemning the sin. So homosexers are not to be priests there. The liberal American Episcopal church is into homosexers as priests no matter that they have almost torn the Anglican church apart over it.

So… you are as wrong as wrong can be. These are big time Libs who put social engineering first and Christianity second.

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It might be if they let them cross in. But they don’t:

Further Sessions has narrowed approval of asylum seekers. And there are reports of legitimate asylum seekers getting separated as well.

All in all the point stands. Jesus Mary and Joseph were asylum seekers in a foreign land - and according to the Trump adminstration, illegal immigrants.

You have been lied to.

Don’t confuse them with facts…it’s against the rules.

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Yes. The difference between us is I recognize that Trump is a pathological liar and you for some reason still beleive him.

Says plenty about you.

Like the fact that it’s not a catholic church as mad claimed and cited the prestige of it’s position in said catholic church in a lame attempt at an appeal to authority?

Those kind of facts?

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