Liberals Eating Their Own

Liberals eating their own

This is going to be a fun primary season.

Bernie Sanders has slammed the liberal think tank, Center for American Progress.
On it’s website Thinkprogress, it ridicules Sanders as a fake progressive. It cites his lack of a haircut and rumpled clothes and hiding his personal wealth.
Sanders says it also has attacked Warren as a fake Indian and also Booker. I’m not sure what they said about Booker.

CAP appears to be a Clinton front. It’s headed by John Podesta and has other officers who formerly worked for Hillary.

As a Conservative, it definitely is enjoyable to watch the Democrat Politicians
go after each other, and hopefully tear each other a part.

Without Trump in there, this wouldn’t be happening.
So, I’m definitely glad that he’s President!

Big primary fields always bring out the long knives. It happened in the 2016 GOP race.
It was bound to happen in this one.
Babes in the woods like Buttigieg and O’Rourk don’t stand a chance against the professional liberal wolves.

The Democrat Politicians think by having so many people run
for President in 2020 that it’s going to help their chances, but
ultimately it’s only going to split their party and hurt them.

So, I welcome it. lol.

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I don’t think the large field was planned by anyone. I think the individual candidates think Trump is vulnerable and they’re entering the race hoping they can win the lottery.
Anyway, it’ll be fun to watch.

How do they think Trump is vulnerable?

The odds of winning the lottery are astronomical!

Just like the odds of a Democrats beating Trump in 2020 are
astronomical. lol.

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I’m not sure if he can be beat or not. We’ll never know until the election.
Being smug and sure was the mistake the Dems made in 2016.

true. Let’s just say I wouldn’t bet against Trump.

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Looks like they are already starting on Buttigieg - claims of city racism under his watch.

Beto is already shriveling on the vine. He’s polling 5th or 6th. They might not need to go after him. If he surges again, you can bet they will.

Liberals? I thought they were socialists! Pick an insult and stick with it, please!

Is that the best you’ve got?

Well…that’s asking too much, when it’s such a target rich environment. :sunglasses:

lol. This is why Democrat Politicians keep losing overall.

They don’t stand for nothing, and they have very little strategy. lol.

They’d mix it up more, but they have nothing else but the discriminatory play
that they preach about. If they lose those, then they’re screwed in general.

You have to admit that going after Sanders’ slovenly appearance is funny.
If Hillary is behind this she’s showing more imagination than I’ve ever seen her show.

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Politicians of the same party are attacking each other during primaries? Never seen that before

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I don’t think that Hillary would run, mainly because the Dem voters wouldn’t
elect her in the primaries to represent the party. She’s lost twice already,
and has shown that she can’t win.

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it’s a little different this time, considering all of the Dems hate Trump so much, and so does the fake news Liberal Media.

That’s why it’s so funny to watch the Dem politicians fight amongst themselves. lol.

The best I have? You’re the one making a mountain out of a molehill. That you consider this “eating their own” is a joke. I guess you already forgot the 2016 GOP primaries, now THAT was “eating their own”

Why wouldn’t they want her back? I mean, she only lost because Trump colluded with Russia to steal her victory. Not very nice of Democrats to abandon her after that. It’s not her fault Russians stole the election with facebook ads and hacked emails amiright?