Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, and Socialists, would be much smarter If they just comsumed their Tweeties

Trump’s tweets (Tweeties) are not just entertaining, but more importantly, they are educational and provide one’s self with the strong moral fiber needed to know right from wrong. Especially pertaining to the MSM fake stories which mislead so many who haven’t consumed their daily nutritional
Tweeties also contain all the mental vitamins stay sharp and in focus, so you won’t find yourself confused by shortsighted attacks from the lefty wacko opinions.

So, PLEASE EAT YOUR TWEETIES for you own mental stability! Thank you.

You forgot to add the /sarcasm at the end of that post.

There’s only pure concern here, no sarcasm.

By all means, support our national embarrassment.

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He’s retired and off promoting other socialists, but help your self.



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Feelin your Tweeties.

Grab 'em by the tweets!