LIBERAL WAR CHEST: Democrats Raise Over $1 BILLION During 2018 Election Cycle

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Democrats and liberal politicians across the country have raised a staggering $1 billion during the 2018 election cycle; dishing out huge sums of cash in the hopes of retaking Congress this November.

According to MSN, Democratic candidates “running for Congress this year” have shattered records and raked in a whopping $1.06 billion to defeat their Republican opponents.

“The $1.06 billion raised through the end of September surpasses the nearly $900 million collected by Republican candidates for Congress in 2012 — previously the largest haul registered by a single party by this point in the election cycle, according to a Washington Post analysis of Federal Election Commission records,” adds MSN.

In contrast, GOP candidates raised $709 million this election cycle according to reports from the Federal Election Commission.

“Money provided the platform and provided the ability to get out in front of the voter,” said one insider. “We’ll see what happens in the final step.”

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