LIBERAL UTOPIA? San Francisco Spends $37,000 PER PERSON as Homeless Crisis Escalates | Sean Hannity

San Francisco continued to struggle with the city’s booming homeless population this week, with new data showing the local government spends a whopping $37,000 per each of the region’s 7,500 homeless residents.

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Fine example what happens when ACLU is allowed to run amok.
Not only have they reached the $15.00 per hour minimum wage, they also succeeded with the idea of universal basic income.

This is problematic throughout sanctuary cities who is even considering providing a universal income. Imagine $37,000 per person to do absolutely nothing…add on a universal income they stand to make more than the average tax payer working 40 + hours a week to provide for their families. And look who the biggest violators are: San Francisco, Las Angeles, Chicago with many more from the east to the west coast. How has America allowed for the financial rape of our nation to go undetected without doing anything to stop it? To have the Liberal Democratic Socialist Party campaign for the illegal alien vote and provide them with much needed assistance reserved for the “LEGAL” US citizen in turn for their vote, is more important than the hard-working American tax payer who afforded them the opportunity to represent them in the first place. We have allowed lawlessness for whatever reason in the past, an allowance we can no longer afford. A decision must be made sooner than later on who warrants support. Is it the American people or illegal alien? Keep in mind the Democratic Party has publicly announced they are depending upon the illegal alien and accepting hard core criminals such as MS-13 and others as a new voting bloc that will provide them with numbers of new political voters. The insanity must end!