LIBERAL UTOPIA: LA Officials Now Blaming Liberal 'Suburbs’ for ‘Dumping’ Homeless in City Limits

Originally published at: LIBERAL UTOPIA: LA Officials Now Blaming Liberal ‘Suburbs’ for ‘Dumping’ Homeless in City Limits | Sean Hannity

Los Angeles officials are now blaming wealthy suburbs that ring downtown LA for “dumping” their homeless people within the city limits; claiming neighborhoods like Culver City are intentionally relocating the region’s exploding transient population.

“The 405 Freeway underpass along Venice Boulevard has become a flashpoint in the escalating homelessness crisis plaguing Southern California,” reports Fox News. “The road is a border between worlds. On the north side of the famed street is Los Angeles — and a sidewalk packed with sun-bleached tents, dirty sleeping bags, bikes in various states of disrepair and even a few surfboards belonging to residents of the underpass’ homeless population. On the south side is Culver City, a storied moviemaking hub and a peaceful suburban oasis.”

“Scenes like this are apparent across the Los Angeles region, where homeless camps and tent cities have cropped up all over the city of Los Angeles while just across the border in suburbs like Culver City, Manhattan Beach and Rancho Palos Verdes these encampments are nowhere to be seen. This disparity has infuriated Los Angeles city councilmembers and led to claims that L.A.’s neighbors are not just shirking their responsibility in tackling the region’s homeless crisis, but are actively pushing the homeless into L.A.’s city limits,” adds the article.

“They’re slacking, and some are not even doing that much,” Branimir Kvartuc, a spokesperson for L.A. City Councilman Joe Buscaino, told Fox News. “Some are taking the homeless out of their cities and moving them to the L.A. city side.”

Recent studies show the city’s homeless population increasing 16% in just one year.

“Despite an increase in spending on initiatives meant to get people off the streets, homelessness is up dramatically in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, officials said Tuesday,” reports The Week.

“The annual count of the homeless found there are nearly 59,000 people living on the streets, in shelters, or in cars in Los Angeles County, up 12 percent from last year. More than 36,000 are in the city of Los Angeles, a 16 percent increase,” adds the website.

“At this point of unprecedented wealth in the county of Los Angeles, we are equally confronted with unprecedented poverty manifesting itself in the form of homelessness,” Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas told the Los Angeles Times.

“Overall, the service portion of the effort on mental health, substance use, the issue of housing, rent subsidies, those are important and we should stay the course,” he said. “Where we have to work much harder is in the area of affordable housing.”

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