LIBERAL RAGE: Eric Holder Urges Supporters to ‘KICK’ GOP Voters

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder doubled-down on recent anti-GOP violence across the country this week; urging liberal activists to “kick” GOP voters when “they go low.”

Holder was speaking with supporters at an event Tuesday when he seemingly endorsed the scenes of rage and protests taking place throughout the nation in the aftermath of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“It’s time for us as Democrats to be as tough as they are, as dedicated as they are, as committed as they are,” said Holder.

“Michelle Obama always said ‘When they go low, we go high.’ No, when they go low, we kick them,” he added as the room burst out in applause.

Trump had taught GOP to get into the mud with em and beat em at their own game.

I fear libs have nowhere else to go but to use violence.



Trump and Trumplicans love their gutter, then cry when Dems prefer to stomp them there rather than jump in with them. Good.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. You’re in the mud, stop crying when people want to stomp the mud dwellers. So special.

Is that what you call shooting a senator playing baseball? Or harassing people eating at a restaurant? Destroying signs because you don’t like what they say? Stealing somebodies’ hat because you don’t like what it says? What about sending Ricin to somebody? How about kicking a girl in the head for being pro life? Do you approve of taking control of a city street and vandalizing the cars of people who refuse to obey orders. Yeah. Great job stompin. A proud time for liberals.

eric holder is a coward who could never kick anyone.

I guess looking for a full, honest account of his remarks would have been too much to hope for from the right.

“When I say kick them, I don’t mean do anything inappropriate. We don’t do anything illegal, but we gotta be tough and we gotta fight for the very things that John Lewis, MLK, etc. gave to us.”

What are you smoking? :thinking: The Democrat supported ANTIFA just broke the law in Portland this past weekend, just like they did in Charlottesville where a person died and wherever they show up unlawfully. Liberals and Democrats have blood dripping from their hands anywhere from murder of the unborn in the womb to cops, border patrol agents, an USA Ambassador to that young ANTIFA member girl.

Read what he said, Sparky, and tell me how it’s any different than anything Dumpster Donnie has said. Gawd, such snowflakes.

Thanks for reminding everyone who the real culprit behind the death of Heather Heyer is.

No, not the conservative white supremacist who ran her and several others down with his car.


You’re very welcome, I’m happy to do it! :wink:

My wife used to call me Sparky when she was feeling adventurous. Thanks for that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: