LIBERAL RAGE: Democrat Candidate Compares Trump to OSAMA BIN LADEN

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A potential 2018 democratic candidate running in Virginia raised eyebrows throughout Washington, DC on Wednesday, releasing a campaign video that directly compared President Trump to al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden.

Congressional hopeful Dan Helmer released the video on social media this week, saying the “greatest threat to our democracy” once lived in a cave, but now resides in the White House; equating the al Qaeda terrorist who murdered nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11 with the Commander-in-Chief.

Helmer is running in the Democratic primary to decide who will take-on GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock in the commonwealth’s 10th Congressional district.

Watch Helmer’s bizarre comparison above.

Looks like a great ad! Thanks for drawing attention to it.

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It’s ok, Trump is a White Male so there are no limits.

Oh here’s the snowflake!

Trump is the president but he’s still a victim!


Snowflake my ass, just pointing out the double standard.

No double standard. Snowflake.


Yes, no one ever said anything mean about Obama. Great point.

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Imagine Obama, crying on Twitter, referring to himself on the third person, whining about getting an apology. Lol that is so damn weak and girly

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Anyone comparing Obama to Bin Laden would have been branded a terrorist traitor and you know it.

He was equated to Hitler and named an antichrist by some on the right, IIRC.

I see that there are a lot of threads that are trying to link Democrats to awful things said about Trump as a way to try and “even out” what Barr said. #sad

Following the CEC’s lead.


normal people will not be motivated to vote for the dem that says such things.

To be fair, only one quarter of Republicans thought Obama was the antichrist.

Unlike the way abnormal people were motivated to vote for Trump with all the unkind things he said about our President, or McCain, and so many other people.

comparison with OBL, the killer… unkind.

ummmm … that’s bizarre, not unkind

It really isn’t bizarre. There are comparisons between obl and trump.

yes… this is exactly what I want your candidate to say in public. Perfect.