Originally published at: LIBERAL PROFESSOR: Donald Trump is America’s ‘FIRST FASCIST PRESIDENT’ | Sean Hannity

A history professor at a major American university blasted President Trump in a recently published editorial; claiming the Commander-in-Chief is the “first fascist President” in US history.

Drexel University professor Robert Zaller published the piece in the college’s student newspaper, titled “It has happened here: Fascism in the United States.” In it, the educator says the US is now “in the deepest and most awful trouble any of us have known.”

“What defines a fascist? Firstly, a fascist denies the rule of law. This means that he knows no will but his own, and recognizes no limit on his power. To achieve such power, he must defy, circumvent, or simply ignore all other established authority, and destroy the institutions through which it is exercised,” writes the professor.

“It has happened here. In Donald J. Trump, America now has its first fascist president,” adds Zaller. “Trump is as much a product of our country as Hitler and Mussolini were of theirs.”

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