LIBERAL PRIORITIES: Dem Chair to Abolish Terrorism Subcommittee to Focus on ‘Trump Scandals’ | Sean Hannity

The new Democratic Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee plans to abolish a counter-terrorism subcommittee in the coming weeks; using the resources to create a new panel to probe President Trump’s “foreign policy scandals.”

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At what point will Trump end this $hitshow by declassifying and releasing the docs? WHEN?

Enough with the threats, the tweets, the games. Release everything and get it over with. Release everything and take away any power they dream they have for the next two years. Release everything and get back your LEGITIMATE duly-elected Presidency. Release everything so that you can accomplish your promises to the American people. Release everything and end the Dim clown-show. We have had enough! Your ‘advisors’ are steering you wrong - they ARE part of the deep state.