LIBERAL PRIORITIES: Berkeley Institutes ‘VEGAN ONLY’ Meals for Official Events, Meetings | Sean Hannity

The town of Berkeley, California became the first city in the United States to require vegan-only food be served at official events and meetings this week; adopting a new policy that designates ‘Vegan Monday’ throughout the region.

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Can not eat anything any longer that will turn into a sugar in the liver. Including pasta, flour, meats, fruits and vegetables that produce sugar. Much similar to diabetic diet. You can feel when your blood stream is becoming polluted when liver not working well. Its not at all a joke. Just have a sonogram done. You realize, we are commercially being poisoned into death. You can wake up or wait. Its coming.
I was never a for say, “drinker” Basic american diet, lot of pasta, fruit n vegetable diet. Thought eating pizza every day was a good thing. Get all basic food groups in one slice. Commercialization of products and how they are processed for consumption. Destroying our digestion systems. A majority of health concerns would come down to digestion in the consumption of goods brought to the market. You want to wonder why health concerns and why so much money is needed in health care industry now more ever in the history of man in North America. We are the ginny pig. Not Europe or Middle East. They would not allow half the food stuff items sold to Americans. Because we are special. Really special. So special, what you eat no longer is considered real food. As long as it is a substance.
Chinese in a good way are settling a lot of starvation issues in their own country and African countries. One thing you do not see because it does not exist. Media does not show you what these people are eating. Processed commercial food products. Only then, would you see it on the news. After the conglomerates of processed food get involved for a profit. You see more media attention to starvation and the need of government assistance in helping to feed the poor. The FDA, GMO, do not work in the best interest of people to stay healthy. When was the last time, FDA promoted a fresh fruits and vegetable commercial on any major media network Even during a sports event. Like the Olympics. What do you get? Gatorade commercials. But talk about billions off dollars to GMO processed food, big pharma industries.