LIBERAL LOGIC: Cory Booker Says ‘Medicare for All’ Will INCREASE Access and DECREASE Costs | Sean Hannity

2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker doubled-down on his calls for a universal healthcare scheme throughout the United States Monday; saying a ‘Medicare for All’ system would actually save taxpayers money over the next decade.

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I am positive that was Cory Booker I saw standing there with his fingers in his ears chanting nah, nah, nah, as everyone else was trying to explain healthcare economics to him.

How does he figure that the costs will go down? His statement:“This is the thing. We’re not talking directly to issues that can expand access to care and create affordability,” said Booker.
He has no friggin idea how much more it will cost, but knows it will COST MORE!!!

And where does he expect to find Medicare doctors? The paperwork is enough to cause many doctors to limit their Medicare practice. Amongst those who do participate, you may need to search awhile to find a good one. Improved access to healthcare…I don’t think so.

So, HOW does giving “FREE” medical care to 300 MILLION people LOWER the cost of health care? Is Booker taking economics lessons from Ocasio-Cortez?

I guess they forgot what happened when Obama destroyed to best medical
system in the world and put in Obamacare, Doctors stopped taking medicaid
patients, Doctors retired or joined Hospitals, People decided NOT to go into
medicine. Premiums went up every year, Deductibles doubled or tripled, my
wife was given a quote of 257 per month with a 6300 dollar deductible and
she was not working. people could not afford Obamacare, the people Obama
hired to set up the program could not do it, Two members who worked for IBM
said they could do it FOR NOTHING, Obama spent 1 billion dollars on it and it
still did not work. England has this, they pay 60% of their pay plus they pay a
17% VAT, tell the people their paycheck will go way down and see what they
think about universal helthcare. they will not like it when you have 20 people waiting ahead of you to get a checkup and wait for 3 hours or more

Every time you watch these traitors to our democratic republic speak, it’s like looking into the eyes of a mad person! They are so out of control, they have no understanding of reality. They try to convince the low information voters that they know better, but it only comes down to stealing all of the money, and like obbumer, setting up the government to have dominance over every part of our life…welcome to the liberal/demorat matrix! NOT!

A government run healthcare system. Talk about an oxymoron. If it’s so good why don’t the politicians have something like this if it’s so good. They know it would be a disaster. Just like so many programs that they insist on but don’t want any part of for themselves or their families. Why don’t any of these experts ask politicians that. “If it’s so good, why don’t you have it”? That would be an interesting response. I’d be willing to bet the subject would get changed. Or they would come out with " The real question Is…". Like they do so often.

They plan to solve the problem of doctors refusing patients by making all doctors government employees and not giving them a choice. And if the doctors and other medical people refuse and say they will retire or stop practicing, the Dems will probably threaten them with jail instead.