Liberal heaven: California



Condoms are the work of the devil


He’ll be ignoring that.


California, the 6th largest economy on earth. This is going to burnyou up inside.


See? I told you he’d be ignoring the facts.


Conveniently ignored that the state with the highest rate of STDs is up there in Family Values Alaska.


As the number of conservatives in California increase so will the number of people with STDs…


don’t digress. California rates are GREATLY increasing.


Yup, keep dehumanizing Latinos as rapist, drug dealers and riddle with disease…your Dear Leader would be proud of you.


Well, this thread didn’t exactly go according to plan.


Why is that noteworthy, but not all the red states who have far worse problems with STDs?


Also increasing in places like Wisconsin (now a red state), Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Florida, and all over.


Bu-bu-bu-but California.


reports say that is a big part of the problem… men having sex with lots of other men’s bu-bu-bu-buts… in California


How come you keep ignoring that STDs are much bigger problem in the bible belt than in California?


I just posted a bunch of articles demonstrating red states as a big part of the problem.

But please, continue to ignore that.


Well, that was fun.


man. i gotta stop vacationing in the Carolinas.

wait. i’m married. what is this sex thing you guys are discussing??


Deflection noted.

When you have unchecked immigration, you are not screening people, which means you allow some diseased people to enter the country. It’s just common sense, it has nothing to do with religion.


based on red states having teh highest rates of STD’s all i can do is conclude that voting GOP causes them…


I’m just trying to find out why the Bible Belt has the worst STDs rates in the entire country (besides Alaska). Since you’ve already weighed in with why STDs are so high in California why do you figure they are worse in many red states?