Lib Santa brings tears

I’ll be here with you. This will somehow show the downfall of society.

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At that age we would be asking for paintball guns…and bunch of friend to play cowboys and Indians. :wink:

Has there ever been a case of a nerf taking out an eye?

The Woke said, “No, no guns. Not even a nerf gun.”

Narrative reconstruction project fail.

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Interesting…and yet.

But damn… if he said “You’ll shout your eye out, kid”

Then no one and I mean no one could object to that. It would be too funny to hate.

How old is that kid?

We didn’t have paintball, we threw rocks.

LOL…that we did. Also slingshots. :rofl:

As for age of that kid…guessing 5 or 6.

You, “culture war”? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:t3:

It is a symptom, not the disease.

He should be asking for a .410 at that age. City kid.


Yes…wish we did have paintball guns back then.

Kids don’t know how lucky they are.


The kid is 4 years old.

And it seems their is backlash.


Four might be a little young for a shotgun. At least he didn’t ask for a Barbie doll.


LOL…now you went and done it.

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Host Ainsley Earhardt noted that the mall apologized and sent a Santa to the DeCarlo home with the Nerf gun the boy had asked for and that Hasbro, the company that owns the Nerf brand, mailed him some.

There you go @SixFoot

Somebody should buy him an AR for when he turns 18.




How long until we know Woke Boy Santa’s name?

Hopefully soon so we can virtually beat the wokeness out of him.

I just want to see his pasty prog face. Maybe hear his smug Wokeness excuse.

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To be fair, the Santa didn’t say the kid couldn’t get a Nerf gun, he said he couldn’t give him it but his Dad could. Still a little bit odd, but not the same thing.

This was not a good move by this “santa”. There is no need for that. It’s a NERF gun. He needs to be fired and look for different job. Kids simply being kids. I hate this “santa” so much.

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