Lib fight. Fairfax is accusing Northam


Here conan, this is what you just posted a moment ago.

But that is wrong. She said one other girl was there. Get your facts straight man. Then get back to trolling.


For those that reading this thread that needs a refresher.

It was one other girl…her best friend. There was 3 others 2 girls at the so-called party

All denied that this so-called rape allegation.

Now who will libs pick?

The racist baby killer?
The rapist baby killer?
Or the second racist.

Pick your poison libs.

As for claiming I’m trolling…it’s violation of this forum rules.

@GWHughes You may want to check this person account. :wink:


Just for record lots of left-wing sites are calling that picture of Hillary in blackface as a hoax.


I asked if that’s what you were meant.

Okay. You pointed out an irrelevant difference.

One guy was white and one guy was black too.
One guy is elected and one guy is a judge.

You answered my query. This difference is not the tipping point.
(Which leaves me wondering why you brought it up-- meh)


No! I thought for sure that was them.


There ya go!

Now let’s drudge up all of the articles about how Kavanaugh and his buddies were contacting people about this episode before her accusations ever went public just to make sure their stories were on the same page.


Start another thread.

This is about Virginia governor, lt gov and those that follow em.
Go bump one of Kavanaugh threads if you’re desperate.


Well, you’ve been talking about more than Northam here so it looks like it’s about Virginia politicians. So let’s add

Looks like we’re gonna have to lose a lot of politicians in Virginia, eh?


You would be sadly mistaken. Stuff that happened when I was in high school would get people thrown in jail today. I’m not talking just the students, but parents as well. Example a). 16 and working at a fast food resturant. The place is owned by a deputy sheriff in the next county over. A week before Christmas during the staff Christmas party, the owner (in uniform) drops in to with everyone a Merry Christmas. When he leaves, he tells the night manager (underage) that he left a package outside the back door and to wait 30 minutes before bringing it inside. Well the box was full of booze (and I’m not talking beer) for the staff that was there (99% under the drinking age). Pretty much every drove their own car to the party (owner new that). Anyone – let alone a deputy sheriff – did that today they would be in jail faster than you could say double burder and fries.

If she had been able to give ANYTHING that gave even a hint of it happening. All the people she alleges where there – including a best friend (female) said they NEVER attended a party where the accuser and Kavanah were both present. Then you look at the final Senate report and TWO . . . yes TWO people came forward to the committee and said what the accuser said could have been them, and described incidents they had and she could have been talking about them. Not to mention the train accuser walking her story back, another that came forward admitting they lied and made the story up . . . but yea, OUR (some conservatives) response was pathetic.


Wow! That was gangsta!

And there ya go… Just ignore everything that came out from people supporting her that also indicated she was telling the truth.

Rest easy though, we’ll never know after the way McConnell and company prevented a thorough and true investigation, which may have found more evidence that she was mistaken… or not.

The pathetic reaction was the exact rush to judgement of her that you still show here even though no proper investigation was allowed.


As I said that was ONE example of the party atmosphere I experienced in High School. If we did crap like that while inside a business – well just image what we did in private homes.

And how many of the supporters did she tell AT the time it happened? How many of the supporters were at the party in question? ALL the people she said were at the party couldn’t recall such a party happening. How does the FBI investigate that type of incident that happend 30 years ago? Please enlighten me. They don’t know the house (they can’t try and track down the home owner – remember she said she didn’t know who owned the house), She didn’t know how she got home (can’t track down anyone who mave have given her a ride home). What else can they do? Senate interviewed all that the accuser said were at the party – I might add the interviews were done under same threat of purgery if they had been interviewed by the FBI.

I have not judged the VA LT gov. I just said it’s more believable since BOTH agree something happened at a particular place and time. Only disagreement is over consent or non consentual.

I was pointing out comparing the LT Gov and Kavanah is comparing apples to oranges.

and throwing the “woman should always be believed” back in the face of some people.


Maybe they should start at bottom and work their way up…since they aren’t having any luck working themselves downward.

Maybe the dog catcher or janitor.


I didn’t say anything about the VA LT gov. I was talking about your stance on Blasey. You have her judged and that’s the end of it for you. It’s crap and lol about the FBI not being able to investigate old cases. Just stop wasting your time with that nonsense. Save it for some other Trump bot that is willing to suck it up, thanks.

“The woman should always be believed” line is complete ■■■■ too, but I explained that back in a much earlier post.

And really man, I couldn’t care less about your hoodlum youth. I just think that if you or anyone else tries to claim you don’t have a vivid memory or two of something that happened in your teens but you couldn’t be sure about the exact year or season then I am highly skeptical of that claim or that they had much of a life at all.


Hey, a self proclaimed sexual assaulter was your choice for President so really, should you be here throwing stones?


I can say, do what I want…you don’t get a say in that matter.

I’m not the one throwing race card out…or accusing others of sexual assault without evidence.

Libs made there bed…

You have problem with that?

Now having said that as I said in another thread, Fairfax admitted having sex with this woman.

So sex act can’t be denied.


And as I said in this one, I see no reason to believe this woman is lying about how she felt or how she behaved while it was happening.

And I know that a lot of guys are complete ■■■■■ just like Trump and just like I know a lot of teenage boys are complete ■■■■■

But it really is a he said/she said unless she told other people before this and then I think everyone needs to believe her account. Let’s just hope Republicans let this claim be fully investigated to see if anyone out there needs a little memory jog or knows something but needs some prodding to say something for some reason. Sound good to you conan?


Turned out those, and witnesses who contradicted Kavanaugh’s testimony weren’t relevant to the in-depth investigation the judicial committee conducted.


Who were those witness? Those that were there? Her best friend?

What tell me?

Meanwhile Fairfax admitted to having sex with Tyson.


I’m not going to relitigate what you should already know if you followed the Kavanaugh hearings yourself.


What witnesses? The woman that claim rape lines?