Lib elitist joe scarborough Questions Americans Service and Education

While discussing Sen. Tom Cotton’s new york times Op-ed “Send in the Troops”,

scarborough pointed to a poll suggesting 58% of Americans wanted troops in the streets, so naturally scarborough attacked those people saying "Tom Cotton served in the United States military, he has no excuse for his ignorance. Tom Cotton went to harvard law school. He knows the Constitution of the United States. He has no excuse. To engage in this dangerous demagoguery. Regardless of what a flash poll of Americans, who weren’t in the military, and who probably didn’t go to harvard law school may not have known."

All of which begs the question. Did joe scarborough go to harvard??

No, he went to Alabama and Florida. Ss far as I can tell, he wasn’t in the military either.

Yeah, I wasn’t gonna go there. But he deserves to have it pointed out.

He went there.

Scarborough is an authority on everything. Just ask him.


Yes, he is constantly talking about how he knows more about X than anyone, it’s really sad.

A veritable legend in his own mind. :woozy_face:

I hope nobody votes for him.

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Scarborough is not credible, he’s just a bomb thrower there to reach out to a kook base. It breaks my heart that anyone treats that fool as anything other than the clown he is.


So…he should be president.

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That’s true.

I assume ex republican senator for the Florida’s 1st congressional district is now one of the “Lib elitist” because he is out of favor with Mr. Trump?

So it sounds as if he hosts a show similar to all those on Fox?


It’s amazing how white lib elitists just casually throw out stuff like this.

Or “you ain’t black!”

But I’ll keep listening to see where else they go.

congressman sorry fat fingers to go with my fat head :slight_smile: