LGBTQ Resources Still Missing From Small Business Administration's Website

May is small business month so a number of stories relating to small business get more prominent coverage than usual.

Here’s one:

In January 2017, shortly after President Donald Trump was inaugurated, LGBTQ resources vanished from several government sites, including the Small Business Administration’s. Officials at the SBA said the page was “under construction and review,” adding that the missing materials would return shortly.

It’s been more than a year, and that information is still absent from the SBA site. . . .

As of this moment.

The subsite is still down.

Not needed on the government page. If your a small business owner, you should just get the same information as anyone else, there shouldn’t be a special push just for LGBTQ businesses.

Then the good folks at tge sba should have the balls to say “we changed our minds.”

I believe that gay people are discriminated against and asking for a website is not like asking for affirmative action or grant $$.

It helps correct discrimination, doesn’t hurt anyone and does not cost us a thing.


Agree 100%

Sure it is, they are asking for “something” special

Better idea. If someone thinks the SBA has discriminated against them. File suit. If someone at the administration has then fire them, bring them up on charges and if found guilty let them spend some time in prison. Much better way of correcting bad behavior.


lll be back later.

Yes a small harmless zero cost “shout out” from the SBA to help them overcome discrimination. The “special” treatment is “special” because discrimination is about treating them and their businesses as “special.”

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