LEVIN ON HANNITY: The Media Considers All Trump Supporters ‘Nazis, Racists, White Supremacists’ | Sean Hannity

National radio host Mark Levin stopped by ‘Hannity’ Thursday night to weigh-in on the 2018 midterm elections; saying it’s time for the people to stand up to the “media, Hollywood, Democrats, and academia.”

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I never felt the slightest attraction to any extremeist groups until I saw foreigners and aliens in every part of my life and couldnt escape them.

And let’s be real, not all foreigners are committed to a strong US Constitution, but which ones are and which ones arent?

We dont know. Cant tell.

So we are letting them all into our society.

Excerpted from:

Fitzgerald: Islam for Infidels, Part One

JAN 13, 2005 2:25 PM

"…The situation in the world today borders on the fantastic.

Never before in history has one civilization allowed large numbers of those who come from an alien, and immutably hostile situation, to settle deep within that first civilization’s borders.

Never before have the members of one civilization failed to investigate, and even willfully refused to investigate, or to listen to those who warn about, the consequences for all non-Muslims of the belief-system of Islam.

In history, the phenomenon of the Barbarians at the Gates is hardly new. Those barbarians lay siege; if they win, they enter in triumph. Should they lose, the advanced civilization survives.

But never before have the gates been opened, to an entering force that has not even been identified or understood. Never before have the inhabitants of the by-now vulnerable city made efforts not to recognize, or realize, what they have done, and what they have undone.

That demographic intrusion shows no signs of diminishing. The systematic building of mosques and madrasas, paid for by Saudi Arabia, everywhere in the Western world, helps to make the conduct of Muslim life easier. Western populations have been trained to make much of “celebrating diversity” and “promoting difference” and constructing, on a base of militant but unexamined pluralism, an edifice of legal rights and entitlements.

These rights, these entitlements, this militant pluralism are exploited by Muslims who do not believe in pluralism. Nor do they accept the individual rights of conscience and free speech, the legal equality of men and women, and of religious and racial minorities, recognized, for example, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Their current claim to support pluralism is based on the need to protect, and increase the power of, the Muslim umma, or Community, within the West, until such time as that umma no longer needs to pretend to have any interest in Western pluralism and Western values."