Lev Parnas Will Be On TV Tonight

Will be on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC at 9ET.
A former prosecutor from the SDNY was very surprised that the feds would allow this to happen.
The link below is in regards to the documents that were received by Congress yesterday.
One thing that was included are WhatsApp messages between Parnas and Robert Hyde.
Those messages would be from Parnas’s cell phone which was confiscated when he was arrested. Which makes me wonder why the DOJ was sitting on these for months???

What’s Barr up to here?

Hmm. Why would the DOJ sit on that???

Barr is corrupt.


Hey now the republicans care deeply about ambassadors.

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I’m sure “she’s gonna go through some things” was meant in the best possible way!

More lib deep state media propaganda. Fox News never has rudy on

So what is Hyde saying about all this? He’s running for congress in Connecticut…

A sample:

Hyde: “Wow. Can’t believe Trumo [sic] hasn’t fired this bitch. I’ll get right in that,” Hyde wrote in an encrypted message to Parnas. He added, “She under heavy protection outside Kiev.”

And of course they needed to know just where she was at in order to fire her. Can’t do it by phone, email, or tweet.

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Ah- from a couple minutes ago on twitter…

“I have provided extensive comments on this matter which will be made publicly available at 7 PM this evening. I will have no further comment until then.”

Makes it “must -watch-tv” tonight, for me.

Yeah this is the smoking gun that shows Hyde is either bat ■■■■ crazy or someone was supportive of him doing this…

"They are willing to help if we/you would like a price,” Hyde wrote in another March 25 text. “Guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money … what I was told.”

Dude is running for congress ha ha!

Wow- this is his defense:

“How low can liddle Adam Bull Schiff go? I was never in Kiev. For them to take some texts my buddy’s and I wrote back to some dweeb we were playing with that we met a few times while we had a few drinks is definitely laughable. Schiff is a desperate turd playing with this Lev guy.”

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Well, it could be both - someone was supportive, and he’s bat ■■■■ crazy.
I mean, look at Trump.

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It was mentioned on MSNBC that Lev Parnas’s name was not mentioned once this morning on Fox News.
Funny that.

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Oh- hes crazy.

Mother Jones reported on Tuesday that the proprietor of the tragically deactivated CongressmanHyde2020 Instagram account was involuntarily committed by Florida authorities after suffering a breakdown at the Trump Doral resort in Florida in May 2019.


I didn’t see it mentioned last night either. It was the guy from Sanders’ campaign that was getting all the attention.

The dude is obviously unstable- but the real question is who roped him in to seeing the Ambassador as so bad that he thought she needed surveillance.

Never bring a knife to a gunfight.
Shifty has “documents” on hotel stationary. Barr has something else.
Legal oneupmanship??

And possibly more than surveillance.