Let's Talk Trump Psychology

I’m beginning to understand the root of the hatred. He gets in the mud with the libs. They’re used to republicans rolling over and now they’ve run into one of their own who knows their game and likes it.

He seems like he thrives on this environment.

As a person, he is a disgusting individual, but that can’t be it. They’ve had that before and never stopped loving.

He is a caricature of a NYC dem. All the bad magnified to the point of absurdity. Stripped of the veneer of civilized behavior.

It really is fascinating.


Crazy that he gets blamed on the people who don’t support him or vote for him.


He was making millions as a three-year-old and had a maid his entire life. It’s honestly not that hard to figure out. Had he been held accountable or picked up a wrench he wouldn’t be this way.

He’s the opposite of what Christ preached.


Trump Logic 101- Winning Good.

Democrat Politicians Logic- Having people have to rely on the government
for everything is good! lmao.

It’s the constant defense of him by the people who supposedly can’t stand him which is really the weirdest thing about this whole mess.

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I’m not blaming him on libs. Not at all. He is what he is.

I’m just beginning to get the hatred.

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Dems are used to the morally upright, like Bill Clinton and the “Lion of the Senate” Ted Kennedy. Those have been their heroes.


I think they like him and want to be like him. Did you see the responses when the whole Stormy thing came out?

Trump the President belongs to the Republicans. They elected him. Not democrats. We hate him because he’s a ■■■■■■■ vapid narcissistic moron. Why do so many Republicans adore him?


Can’t disagree with a word of it, although I’m not sure a wrench would have fixed that mess.

I’ve known several very wealthy people with great work ethics and manners. Including some born into it.

And like Trump they will focus what they do on the other side and blame them for it.

Understanding hatred because he is just like an NYC dem.

Silly claim to make from anyone who doesn’t live in NYC.

The problem I see with the OP is conservatives such as myself who were lifelong republicans until Trump came along. I don’t see how that theory explains the fact that we have pretty much separated ourselves from the Republican party and are now conservative independents.


It’s almost like when you treat people like trash you’re gonna make some enemies.

Did Reagan roll over to the libs? George HW Bush certainly wasn’t afraid to get a little dirty with the Willie Horton ads. His son was able to turn John Kerry’s war service against him. Newt Gingrich was famous for being tough.

Not sure where you get this idea of Republicans rolling over from. In my opinion, it’s the Democrats who are afraid to stand up against the opposite party. Look at Obama’s first two years.

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I don’t hate Trump either.

I think that he is dangerously unfit for the office of the Presidency and it will take a very long time to unwind the damage that he has done to the institutions of the Executive Branch.

How can any nation take seriously an “Acting Secretary of Defense”?

They have stopped scraping the bottom of the barrel for talent… have gone through the bottom and are digging to China.

Defense of him or his policies?

I have to tell you, the little bag of dirty tricks is making him a wee bit sympathetic. And after what you did to Kavanaugh?

I think you have a valid complaint about the Benghazi! endless investigations, but Russians on facebook?

Yeah, you know, right.

What people should do is just sit back and watch people run with a phony hoax to impeach him and send him and his family to prison over absolutely nothing.

What is this country coming to??


That’s absolutely true, he’s in the White House because of the republicans. And you were pretty bad with Bush, but that pales compared to this.

This goes beyond normal lib hatred.

Kavanaugh is on the court unlike Merrick Garland. Mitch McConnell sees your dirty tricks and raises you double.


Why do I have to live there?