Lets talk Joe Biden and Busing: Will this cause him to lose the nomination?

There’s a different way to view this. Its not so much an issue of Biden losing over stands he took forty years ago, but rather Harris emerging as a particularly effective debater. It is easy to see her background as a prosecutor. I’ve talked to two people whose reaction to the debate was that they would love to see Kamala Harris in a debate with Donald Trump; she would bring a focused aggression that Biden seems constitutionally incapable of.

It is not hard to believe that Trump would struggle when facing an attractive who is smart, well-prepared and quite willing to deflate his ego. Her attractiveness would pose a quandary to Turmp because he likes to surround himself with attractive women but he clearly but Kamala Harris no Hope Hicks who is looking to have a job based on stroking Trump’s ego.


He was the first black president’s vp. I think hell be fine

How much have trump’s kids taken from china?

Like trump.

If he’s that bad, why do democrats go running to him and kiss his ass?

Why do Republicans kiss trumps ass?

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Trump is President of the United States of America. What’s Sharpton?

It’s more dangerous that the presidents ass is being kissed by Republicans. Sharpton has no power.

And farrakhan.

If you need a good shakedown with the promise of riots around the corner.

And don’t forget screwy louie.

He doesn’t have power but is a leader?

Joe handled this whole interaction in a deeply stupid way. It’s ok to just say “i handled this wrong and i’ve learned since that etc”. A crucial moment that really would have made both candidates shine if he had simply apologized for being wrong in the past, instead of doubling down on “states rights”, which was the meat and potatoes of racist segregation laws in the first place.

He ■■■■■■ it up. I doubt it “costs him the nomination” necessarily but it’s not a great sign of things to come for him.

he doesn’t have the power of the presidency to change policies that hurt people. this really isn’t that hard.

But he’s a leader of people. What power does he have? Why do liberals feel the need to bow at his feet?

I think his stand back then was principled, his reason to oppose busing was that it was racist to think that the only way a black kid could get a good education was by sitting next to a white kid, and he was right. It was better to fix schools where kids lived.

Plus, they were busing white kids to predominantly poor and black High Schools, which really irritated the parents of those kids. They were paying property taxes for a nice school and getting one that had troubles.

These days over 80 percent of Americans disagree with busing, Biden is on the right side of history here, even if he had to side with Republicans and racist Democrats.

I find it insulting to think that Kamala Harris believes she would not have succeeded had she not been bused to a white school. I think she is a brilliant woman and would have succeeded no matter where she was taught.

And that is what Biden should have said.

He shouldn’t apologize for being right. Yes, black schools were underfunded and the level of education those students had there was inadequate, but instead of fixing that problem they created new ones that spurred moves to private education for white families to avoid busing issues and further separating us by racial divides.


You don’t think her, being a minority, had any issues growing up in the late 60’s early 70’s?

All was good on the racial front? Once Civil Rights was passed in 64, everyone in the US suddenly embraced everyone.

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Sounds a lot like someone who claimed bankruptcy and stiffed a bunch of contractors.

No wonder liberals love to flock to him and kiss his ring to get his blessing.

Curious how many liberals? 1, 10, 1000, 1 million, all of them?

How many Trump worshippers kiss Trump’s ass? I know that answer.

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62,979,636 for certain.

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