Lets talk Joe Biden and Busing: Will this cause him to lose the nomination?

Edit: I realized that my post was wrong. Biden opposes federal mandates for public schools. He does not support allowing intentional discrimination in our education system.

What does everybody think about this?

Meh, if his racist comment about Obama didn’t kill him with black voters I doubt this will do it. Democrats better hope it doesn’t knock him out, he’s their best chance of beating Trump.

So you don’t think Biden will receive any polling decreases? Kamala Harris seemed to come away with the better end of the exchange. I can see black voters jumping on the Harris train now.

He needs to at least admit that he was wrong. Maybe after he has time to think about it more. He’s meeting with Sharpton today.

That would be a necessity. Harris basically ripped him apart on that issue.

Now I am seeing why Biden is a weak front-runner. If his message is, I worked with Republicans and racists on issues which turned out to be disasterous for the Democratic/liberal base, then I think he’s making a mistake.

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Ugh. Why do they run to Jackson and Sharpton?

Same reason Republicans run to Graham, Falwell, Roberts. It is pretty pathetic.

Because they are leaders in the black community?

Kamala Harris doesn’t seem old enough to be the victim of much of anything.

He’s the front runner because he isn’t overly progressive and he can beat trump imo.

I thought they didn’t have any influence and the only people making them relevant were those on the right?

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They are race baiters to be honest.

People on the Internet are not always correct.

You mean they say things you’d rather not hear.

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It’s fascinating how things change so quickly from one day to the next.

C’est la vie.

I mean they are baiters.

I can understand why liberals like Sharpton after Tawana Brawley. Just never admit fault and carry on like nothing happened.

Don’t forget the upstate NY riots Sharpton instigated against some Korean businessmen. Some people actually died in that mess.

Sharpton was sued and lost but has never paid a dime.

Claims no income. :roll_eyes:

Biden has bigger fish to fry like the 1.5 billion his son collected from China after he took him with to China.

Uranium One, China what the heck!