Let's talk Biden in context

I just saw a snippet of some talk show on Fox.

The host was a woman and there was some guy as well. They both sounded so smarmy and sarcastic I couldn’t stand it.

But they showed a 10 second clip of Biden talking at some virtual town meeting and he didn’t sound too with it regarding what it was he was doing - town hall, meeting…he used 3 or 4 words for it.

That could have just been a brain fart, happens to all of us.

But I read the headlines on Hannity’s site before moving into the Community forums and they’re always a headline saying he’s forgetting something or someone…

So, for someone who does watch Biden’s press conferences and town halls and things, does he sound “with it” most of the time?

Biden is a walking corpse.


Well, that’s reassuring!

We’ve got to get Trump out of the White House but we need a competent person in his place.

I hear there’s another movie remake coming out called Weekend at Biden’s :rofl:

Should FOX treat Biden the way that the other five networks treat Trump? Would that be fair? Do they chalk up anything to a brain fart?

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the people who are convincing you that orange man is bad are the people putting biden up as a candidate

think about that


Biden isn’t an exciting candidate, but he isn’t vile like Trump. It’s obvious that Dems just wanted to go with a vanilla “Not Trump” candidate. I’ll go with “not Trump”


spoken like a true CNN chyron


He most certainly is. This is a vile as it gets.

You Tube took it down. Shocking! Not.

I remember that incident.

Taken in context - I didn’t see it but I read the transcript, it makes sense and was not target to African Americans - except those triggered by the words chains or nooses even when it’s clear used innocently. (Like the football coach who tweeted a woman knitting a noose for her husband after having been locked up with him for two weeks. But instead of standing his ground and pointing out it had nothing to do with blacks, he got all apologetic.

Did you feel the same when he said he couldn’t tell if this was 2020 or 1920? The man does absolutely everything in his power to stir up racial animosity.

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Didn’t hear or read that.

Taken out of context it sounds bad.

Can you provide a link to the context of it?

Biden’s context is incoherency. He’s incoherent.

Worthless response.

Once in a while he’s incoherent, if the clip I saw tonight is anything to go by.

But so is Trump on occasion if you read his tweets or listen to his speeches.

That’s why the title of this thread is Let’s talk Biden in context.

As in, if you take him in a 5-minute clip rather than a 10 second sound-byte, does he still sound out to lunch?

I can’t I looked but my quote isn’t exact enough. I have posted it before, but it’s too old to find without a better exact quote. I’ll find it again sooner or later.

Been looking for this.

So far I’ve found this article:

And this from Biden.

Sometimes I wake up and think it’s 1920 and not 2020. I really mean it. The way in which we talk to one another. The way in which, the debasing of politics that’s occurred. The ways in which this President demeans people and individuals,” said Biden.

Where in that is he talking about African Americans?

He’s talking about the politicians around Harding.

No dude. Biden is incoherent. You guys need to find somebody else and leave that poor man alone.

I found it - it was quoted by Hannity.

Again, in context, it doesn’t seem to me to be talking about African Americans per se. I suppose the whole immigrant question - demeaning illegals…

But that’s not him talking about the US…that’s him talking about Trump.

Okay. I’ll accept that.