Let's make Nancy the first impeached House Speaker in US history

For something so meaningless you guys keep posting about it.

@Snow96 my apologies it was in response to an earlier post I had responded to. Rather than continue on that here I will post my response int he current climate change thread.

A crime does not need to occur for impeachment, but you knew that right?

Trump worshippers are trying to downplay the impeachment as meaningless, like the next set of history books to be written will have the authors go “Wait, huh, Trump*'s impeachment was partisan and meaningless. We should probably just not mention this.”

right. which is why it becomes meaningless, and why it’s not in trial prob

The Clinton impeachment set the tone for partisan based impeachments.

I note that both sides are driven by the idea the “If we win, the US is a wonderful place. If they win, the US is a force for evil.”

If Pelosi is to be “impeached” it should be done the same way that Trump is going to be “impeached”, at the ballot box.

(I note that Trump supporters dismiss the voters of Pelosi’s district just as much as some liberals dismiss Trump voters.)

You sound like a broken record dude.

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The number of posts that claim that Trump has not been impeached indicates that some may not be aware that Trump has indeed been impeached.

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sorry but it was totally partisan. and there was no underlying crime or wrongdoing.

history will record that, and maybe along with his re-election next year.

all after several attempts to pin anything on trump which have all so far failed

i wouldnt be surprised if history doesnt show this as some big ongoing politically desperate blunder, which is what it is.

for no good reason

there were real crimes for clinton and nixon. they werent acts of desperate hating partisan politics

oh yes everyone is quite well aware now that if you are democrat and you have the votes you can impeach for no reason

D Trump has been impeached. The reason why he was impeached is completely because of his actions.

I don’t know. It gives Democrat internet posters the opportunity of running around like chickens with their head cut off yelling “impeached! Impeached!”. Other than that you are correct. It means absolutely nothing.

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We get your help every year in a California, over a hundred fire fighters. We are repaying a debt IMO, and haven’t had to do the same since 2010.

This is cute…

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lol. no that is not why he was impeached

but i understand it is the narrative the dems need.

not sure it’s working, so you got your work cut out for you

Right that is just the narrative they were hoping for!

doesnt look like it’s working tho. maybe over on twitter

The majority determined through the evidence they had that there was enough to bring up and vote on articles of impeachment. The majority voted and Trump* was impeached.

How do you know its not working? Did Fox and Friends tell you? Maybe the “internet wizards” over at Breitbart?