Let's make a list of *positive* actions politicians have taken in US cities and states

A black commentator on Fox was pointing out that a lot of people vote in Baltimore because they like what some politician are saying, but they ought to vote based on what they have done. How about a thread where people can say what it is they like that politicians or Republican politicians, or independent politicians have done in their region/city.

I like ___________, which Republicans/Democrats did in Baltimore/New York/wherever because it achieved __________.

Flint water crisis… The end

So you are saying what?

I like the Flint water crisis, which (who?) did in Flint because it achieved (what?)

Budget cutting by Republican officials led directly to the Flint water crisis. Judge them by what they do, not by what they say.


The sentence is supposed to begin with "I like _______, " Can you rephrase your idea into the format requested in the OP? Can we be positive in this thread. If you support Democrats, mention something good they did, and the consequent obvious benefit to the community involved. Don’t just be negative.

Careful. You said “black”. Some will accuse you of playing the race card. I know you’re not though.


My city has been in the middle of a renaissance for a decade soooo

Can you put that into the format requested in the OP? Which is your city. Who has spearheaded your renaissance? What have they done specifically? What observable benefits to your community are you reaping?

Hmmmm, I’ve never seen you refer to a ‘white commentator’ before. Why is that?

Obama EPA did absolutely nothing to help the situation until way too late.

Lolololol ok so the appointed emergency manager has nothing to to with it lol


The Allegheny County Development Council, which is an alliance of local and state politicians, organized labor and the major companies here that work together to institute urban renewal programs.

The city has been gentrified. Property values have doubled in the last decade. Three major ghettos are now upper middle class neighborhoods. My own neighborhood I grew up in, a drug infested slum that for decades was the most dangerous hood in the city, is about to receive a one and a half billion dollar redevelopment along the riverfront.

We’re the hippest city in the country right now. New restaurants popping up on a weekly basis. There’s more stuff to do in a single neighborhood now than there was in the whole city I was a kid and we were a dying steel town. Twenty years ago we were in reorganization’s bankruptcy. Now we’re killing it. Jobs are coming here. Major companies are coming here. Young people are coming.

Was this a joint initiative from both Democrats and Republicans, and independents? Who made this happen?

I think its fantastic that Pittsburgh is re-inventing itself, similar programs are underway here in Indianapolis. My only concern/question is where do happens to those that live in the poverty ridden areas that are gentrified?.

So the EPA has nothing to do with dangerous drinking water? Lololololol

I like the way Trump promised to help Flint out before being elected and arguably forced Obama’s hand to order something done himself. We don’t know whether, had Hillary won, Obama’s order would have been recinded or not, but I like that Trump made sure EPA money got to them as he had promised. And their water problems seem to have been addressed.

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I like the progress made on the opioid addiction problem in West Virginia. Republicans were able to both fully resurrect the coal industry like promised and put opioid producers in check. Now addiction rates have settled down to where it’s only 2 1/2 times the national average.


There is for all intents and purposes no Republican Party in western Pennsylvania. There are two county councilmen. No Republican has held city office since 1932.

And I told you, the Allegheny County Development Council which is an alliance of the pols, the unions, the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the major corporations that plan and execute urban renewal plans as a single group.

Existed for decades. My city invented urban renewal programs in this country and our system works better than almost anywhere else.

Hopefully, as the local economy grows, some of those poor get jobs, or better jobs, and councils can stimulate the building of adequate quality rental accommodation for it’s poorer citizens.

They’re getting pushed out into the inner ring suburbs, mostly. The only advantage we have is that Pittsburgh is a city built to hold a million people with a population of 350,000 so there’s no shortage of housing (the metro area is 2.5 million or so).