Let's get the DOW back to 26,000

Closed today at 25,718. I think tomorrow it gets back above 26,000 and probably stays above there for awhile.

It could be back above 27,000 fairly soon too I guess??

It was about at the same place it is now on ~ 1/9/18 (around 18 months ago).

-350 on DJI futures now that China is labeled a currency manipulator.

I guess when the trade war sinks into a bad recession they can be the scapegoat for the trillions added to the debt.

I mean the exact opposite of what Trump promised is occurring.

I love volatility


It’s a good thing I’m not close to retirement.

Well he finally kept a campaign promise.

Or is the FED’s Wall Street bubble bursting?

How do you fight a 10% tariff placed on your goods to exports.

Make the goods 10% cheaper with a currency devaluation.


We better hope not.

Why? I am and I’m doing ok. You don’t fund a retirement based on 18 months of the DOW.

If you took all of your money out of investments right now, would you have enough to fund your entire retirement? Unless you can answer “yes,” 18 months matter.

It’s the “I got mine/ I’m doing great” way of thinking that Jesus Christ preached of.

I could say the same thing but I believe in his actual teachings.


Oh brother, it has nothing to do with what I have. The market is a long, not a short term game in regard to building a retirement. The OP arbitrarily picked 18 month performance for a reason. Just going back six months from that would tell a completely different story, the DOW was at 19,963 on January first 2017. You don’t build a retirement fund on 18 month or even two year gains.

And spare me the WWJD nonsense. I don’t think Jesus would be in the market would he? All his money would go to the poor, not be sitting in the market to build his retirement portfolio.

It’s a good time to buy stock actually.

As for retirement i have a nice company pension and ss(paid into for 44 years).

My stock is just gravy to be honest. Some of it was bought in 2008 at very low prices.

Lol, who takes all their money out of the market on the day they retire and why would they do such a stupid thing? Especially during a downturn in the market? Are you under the impression retirement is some sort of commodity you must buy upfront on the day you retire or what? My 101 year old grandma still has money in the market. If she had followed your logic she’d have been eating cat food thirty years ago instead of still being a net saver.

Which investments? If I were on the verge of retiring, most of my portfolio would have been moved to safer investments than the stock market, unless I can live with the risk. If you were going to retire today, and yesterday hurt you, then you need some diversity.

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Aren’t you a trader? You should know better than to reinforce this tripe like it’s the gospel.

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Some volatility is to be expected at times but if you play the long game, market always ends up growing in the long run.

This time though, I needed to liquefy for a down payment and got super lucky by selling everything Thursday morning

Well let’s try this again. Dow down over 500 points so far. Not even 10am. At 25,500.

Exactly. I kept buying in 2008 and did quite well with that stock. Since i am retired now i eventually sold a good bit of it and put it in the bank. It’s available for a rainy day.

I kept just enough stock to play with a little.:+1::smile: