Let's Compare Mueller and Kavanaugh

Both men were accused of sexual assault.


Screamed at US senators, launching wild accusations against them, claimed that the Clintons were in on a conspiracy against him. He cried like a child, told obvious lies about the meaning of words like “boof” and “devil’s triangle”. Kavanaugh showed absolutely zero ability to control his emotions, and should have been deemed unfit to serve as an impartial arbiter of Constitutional matters.


Calmly referred the slanderous accusations against him to the FBI for review.

Take note, libs. One of these men acted like an innocent man, and a national treasure. The other is running a witch hunt against Trump.


One has a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. The other will be retired after a few more months of nothing.

What nonsense. Mueller wasn’t dragged out in front of Congress only to be blindsided by political activists who had set on this for a month only to hit him with it at the time they considered most effective for their purposes…
These are not comparable things.,…at all.

That’s because wohls plan fell apart wonderfully…and Mueller has actual honor…unlike trump supporters

One likes beer. The other probably doesn’t and is therefore a pinko commie.

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Water under the bridge. Kavanaugh has been confirmed.

That being said, his legacy will now forever include his actions during the confirmation process and the unresolved questions and allegations. Time will tell what Mueller’s legacy will be.

True. But Mueller also didn’t embarrass himself and his country and didn’t lie repeatedly to Congress in order to get himself appointed.

Little Brett sure did though.

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Who needs honor when you have victory! Simma down Plasma. You get another shot in two years. Until then, try some meditation. It helped me become the loveable man that I am today.

Kavanaugh - Angry, hateful, Trump hating lib mobs demanded action be taken immediately.
Mueller - Republicans have graciously waited for Mueller to wrap up his investigation.

That would be justice Brett to you. Get used to it. He’s gonna be around for a while. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You never disappoint, Doug.

You’re right, they’re not comparable. Mueller has an impeccable, unblemished record of public service, including the Marines, since before Kavanaugh could dress himself. He’s never been documented to have lied to Congress in a confirmation hearing. I’m guessing he’s never boofed anyone, or been part of a Devil’s Triangle. To be fair, he may like beer.

He HAS been attacked by political activists and, oh yeah, the President, for doing his job. So there’s that comparison. He wasn’t blindsided, though - he’s not too stupid to have seen it coming.



I can’t see you. Is your face straight?

I fully expect the Mueller investigation to wrapped up any decade now. :sleeping:

It needs to wrap up. He hasn’t done anything beyond a bunch of convictions and indictments. He’s costing us millions of dollars and he hasn’t found a single shred of impropriety.

Not hopping mad. Just a little annoyed that we only have a 5 to 4 majority rather than 6 to 3. Maybe somebody should wake up Ruth and tell her it’s time to enjoy her retirement?

libs bader ginsburg doesn’t have more than a few months left. She’s circling the drain.

Maybe. But I was hoping more for retirement than expirement.

six of one

We don’t know what Muellers record in High School was because no sane person would think that was even relevant.

we know what he was doing after high school.