Let us be clear. President Trump cannot shut down the federal government!


Yes because no one cared about shutdown during Obama, those people were like shutdown more like extra holiday!


I’m sure the 800,000 people who are currently not working are thrilled, they are just kicking back a bud light and watching football.


No one cared. Clearly, since the media couldn’t stop talking about obstruction and Obama couldn’t stop blaming Bush. :roll_eyes:


Yes because the person making 40,000 a year working at the IRS is super duper rich…


Actually some of them in the past were. Don’t be fooled into thinking some of them aren’t enjoying the extra time off.

Heck, some people here never had so much time to go snowmobiling etc. with no consequences.


From what I recall and again I live in a igloo that the shutdown during Obama had wall to wall coverage on every major news network from the day it started to the day it ended.


Actually, you moved the goal posts by limiting your comment to employees, which is not inclusive of the 800K figure.

And you thought we wouldn’t notice. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


They’re just trying to minimize the trump ■■■■ show.


The funny thing is you don’t realize that what you typed was unintentionally correct.

All we need to do is go back and consider who was responsible for the shutdowns that happened under Obama. It was Republicans who were willing to not pass bills in order to try to make him look bad. At no point did he ever tell them outright that he wouldn’t sign a bill unless he got what he wanted.

Where HAVE we heard that lately?

Answering that question will allow you to figure out who is to blame for each of those and this subsequent shutdown.


Hahaha wall to wall coverage… Rrrrrrriiiiigggghhhhhhhtttttttt


Your revisionist history aside, I actually meant the shutdowns during Obama’s admin weren’t his fault either. Reading comprehension is hard, I know. :roll_eyes:


What revisionist history?

The Republican controlled congress was responsible for those shutdowns, so you are right, they weren’t his fault.

On the other hand, we have the current President openly stating he won’t sign a bill that doesn’t have funding for the wall Mexico is supposed to be paying for. That means Congress could actually do thier damned jobs and he still wouldn’t sign, making this TOTALLY his fault.

Its two completely different situations. No reading comprehension needed. I get that you are trying to absolve Trump for shooting off his trap again, but its not gonna work, because he is the one who called for this and stated that he was more than happy to accept responsibility for it.


Cool story bro. Meanwhile, all the employees will get back pay once the shutdown is over and Congress will no doubt vote themselves a pay increase again. But yeah, this is all Trump’s fault. :roll_eyes:


Great, they are gonna get back pay when its all over. That will help immensely with all of the bills they fall behind on in the meantime, right?

Do you even hear yourself when this stuff is going through your head before you put finger to keyboard?

And yes, its Trumps fault. Even he said so.


It’s what they signed up for when they chose to work for the government vs. the private sector. I know when my company shuts down, even temporarily, I don’t get paid while they’re shut down much less back pay after they reopen, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be feeling empathy for exactly. But far be it for me to ruin your drama. :roll_eyes:


That does not show a lick of compassion for others though. Fascinating.


Federal employees ARE average Americans. Do YOU have any idea what you’re talking about? Lol


Yes, which is why I don’t blindly buy the wholesale BS your side is constantly selling. Next.


Your comment indicates you never spent any time on Capitol Hill. Are you suggesting Schumer cannot threaten fellow democrats in the Senate with committee assignments?


The Democrat Party Leadership has been behind this ongoing invasion of our southern border since 1985 when amnesty was granted to 2.5 million illegal entrants in return for a guarantee to build a wall and secure our border


Welcome to yet another day of the Trump Christmas/New Year Shutdown. Soon the House will send a bill.