Let us be clear. President Trump cannot shut down the federal government!


Having actual first hand experience and knowing that they are not the armageddon libs would like others to believe, leads me to make the statement everyone will survive and the country will go on. Because it will. It will be resolved before workers even miss a check, just like every other one in the past.

Heck, we haven’t even broken the record for shutdown days yet.


They can’t keep track of what they’re upset about.


over 800K people will not be getting a paycheck soon.
80% of American live paycheck to paycheck

yep not a big deal at all.


Who’s upset except libs?

I know the reality having been there, done that.


The 800,000 people who are currently not working and have bill due.


How do stores survive installment plans and deferred payments?

Has there been a single government shutdown in like ever where government employees haven’t received back pay once the shutdown ended?


I was one of those people at one time.

Not once did we go without a check.


It was always resolved and nothing but theater.


It doesn’t matter if you personally survived.


As if you have any idea what their bills are.


The federal government subcontracts a lot. Those aren’t employees and they won’t get paid.


doesn’t change the fact that bill are due, and food isn’t free.


Goal posts moved. :roll_eyes:


Did you give a ■■■■ when at the time in the 80’s GS-3’s had to work 2 jobs to survive?

You have no idea about govt employees or their pay and reality, so try to stop pontificating about what you don’t know.


Yes because in Canada we live in a great utopia without money, somehow the energy that is powering this computer in which I’m using to type this reply is magically paid for by pixies and fairy dust.


Uh huh which means you know exactly what someone employed by the US government is responsible for paying for. Give it a rest.


but we do know that currently 800,000 people are not working and their last paycheck is next week, but I’m sure all those people are not part of the 80% of American who don’t have any saving and live solely on their paycheck to survive.


I’m pretty sure that the average adult has a phone bill, heating bill, cable bill, water bill, food, credit card debt, etc.

or do you people in America live in huts and hunt wild boar?


Doesn’t really give a ■■■■ now. It just makes for a good talking point because a Republican is in the White House. Not a peep when it happened multiple times under Obama. Wasn’t Obama’s fault either. :roll_eyes:


Government employees are average Americans now? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about, ever?


You do realize all this theater will be resolved by then and the paycheck will continue as in every shutdown in the past?