‘Let There Be Light’ Hits Theaters TODAY! | Sean Hannity

The highly-anticipated faith-based drama “Let There Be Light,” hits theaters October 27th, starring Kevin Sorbo and executive produced by Sean Hannity. The touching film depicts the story of a self-described atheist whose near-death experience challenges his deeply held convictions about faith, family, and love.

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I know this is from 2017, but I was curious about the film.

Appearing on Hannity’s radio program is shown as Sol’s big break in his newfound evangelization effort.

“Are you guys ready for the amount of heat that will be coming your way with this?” Hannity asks. "Your intention is to proselytize. What about diversity? What right do you have to impose your religious values onto somebody else?

“What right does ISIS have to cut people’s heads off?” Sol responds.

Hannity nods. “That’s a powerful point.”