Let the denials and excuses begin

Ok Libs, Speaker McCarthy has finally done it. He’s called for an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden. I know this is probably a revelation to you because the mainstream media from which you get your information and talking points had suppressed any information that paints Joe and his family and administration in less than a saintly light. But that may have to change.

Up till now, you’ve all been able to remain in your nice comfy cocoons of ignorance because you’re beloved propagandists have shielded you against troubling thoughts that might induce you to think unapproved things regarding the competence and ethics of your exalted leader Citizen Joe.

But now the propagandists are in a quandary. They’re torn between loyalty to their exalted leader and the desire to not seem like totally brain dead, scumbag sycophants to the small percentage of Citizen Joe’s base that may have retained enough freedom of thought to seek information outside their carefully controlled information bubble. Oh no! :open_mouth: whatever will they do??

How will they explain away the multiple shell corporations? What will they say about Citizen Joe’s many aliases? Who will they blame for being the REAL authors and originators of those damning texts and emails? How will they discredit those multiple eyewitnesses and whistleblowers? Who will they put forward as the true identity of the “BIG GUY”? How will they explain the bank records of multi million dollar transfers to Biden controlled bank accounts from foreign sources?

The clock is now ticking. An impeachment inquiry bestows broad sweeping power to Congress to demand answers to these and many other questions. The ignorant masses can’t be kept in complete darkness much longer… Stay tuned.


They will not get answers to those. The DOJ and special counsel will claim on going investigation and refuse to turn over anything or allow other agencies like IRS to turn over anything.


McCarthy didn’t put this to a vote because he doesn’t have them.

Gaetz has him by his balls.

McCarthy is doing this from a position of weakness… not strength.


What is the charge that is the basis of the inquiry?

Do you need a specific charge for an inquiry or just perceived crimminal conduct?

I think it is a waist of time and will back fire on GOP. Doing this is gonna bring people who might sit out the election for Biden. If Trump ends up the nominee the GOP can’t afford to give a reason for more then just anti “Trump” to vote.

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The oversight committee has been investigating the Biden’s for months - years maybe? -and they have yet to claim to have found a high crime or misdemeanor.

They have seen thousands of witnesses, tens of thousands of documents…And has not claimed any crime, let alone a high crime.

Why should an investigation like that be elevated to an Impeachment inquiry?

In our life times, impeachment has gone like this:

Someone investigates - a committee, or SP (Ken Starr…maybe he was SC? I forget…)
That committee makes claims of a crime or improper conduct.
The house votes on an impeachment inquiry
The inquiry verifies (or doesn’t…but that never happened AFAIK) and recommends impeachment.

Why do we need an inquiry to do the investigating that Comer is already doing?

Because the crazy wing of the party demands it in exchange for maybe behaving themselves and not shut down the government.

I think that Gaetz will still try to shut the government down.

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As I understand it it is be cause it gives congress more authority to make people, agencies and private corporations such as banks to comply. Many of which have been stalling or refusing to turn over information for years.

I don’t know if that is true but is my understanding.


They actually demanded it to avoid kicking McCarthy out of power I think.

But yeah, they are going to shut it down. Gaetz can’t not touch the hot stove.

Look forward to yet another round of what do you mean this has failed every time we’ve tried it before/hey it failed again, must be liberal sabotage discourse.



Congressional authority is the most powerful investigative tool in the country.

I’m not aware of Comer being stonewalled on anything. Be happy to read about it if I’m wrong.

This is happening because the Media Addicted Wing of the party wants it, and they will vote McCarthy out if he didn’t give it to them. If you doubt that, ask yourself why McC didn’t put it to a floor vote.




If McCarthy had a lick of sense… he would appeal to the conservative wing of the Democrats and push bipartisan stuff through instead of having to kowtow to dumbest box of rocks out there.

He has to pander to people like Lauren Boebert who can’t even make it through a performance of the Beetlejuice musical without getting kicked out for vaping and being an ass.

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The first link is them complaining about the Special Counsel that they wanted.



He can’t win re election if he acts in any way bipartisan.

This is nothing more than Election Interference and a Witch Hunt.
Never Surrender, Joe!


I’m open to charges against Biden. Show me the evidence.


Your first link is a press release by Comer’s committee complaining about Garland appointing a SP - something republicans have been asking for for years.

Your second link is a hit omitting the word ‘stonewalled’.

3,4,5, 6 deal with the document Wray handed over after negotiating with Comer

7, Comer says thanks in part to percevied stonewalling, they have everything they asked for:

“But fortunately, since we’ve last spoken, we actually have bank records in hand. We have individuals who are working with our committee. In the last two weeks, we’ve met with either these individuals personally or with their attorneys,” Comer said.

8 deals with a document Comer received.

9 hit lacks ‘stonewalled’.

That’s as far as i’m going.

So I don’t see where he didn’t get what he asked for.

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I have no issue with this. This is their prerogative. I say go for it. Lets see the evidence and see where this goes.

I suspect this is McCarthy making good on the promises he made to get support from certain quarters so he could be speaker.

But I am all for presidential accountability. I just hope this does not usher in an era of tit for tat impeachments on both sides.