Let the borking begin

MrOT30. Perdiction!

Easiest perdiction I ever made. The earnest borking of whichever nominee for judge that Trumpus MAGA presents shall begin in earnest at approximately 9:01:29 EDT.

The talking points are already printed and in the hands of the MSDNC programmers. Four separate but equal folders of fake news material.

It it’s a boy judgy wudgy he beats his wife. If it’s a girl judgy wudgy she beats her husband. Etc.

4.5 minutes after the nominee is inevitably affirmed and confirmed the left will turn to other matters like the price of Jello. But in the meantime heck rides in on the back of a jackass. Transgender Katie bar the door. (For the grade schoolers that last was an updated version of Katie bar the door.) Look it up.

The nominee…whoever he or she is WILL be confirmed. There WILL be much gnashing of teeth and gums by the loser left. Much stompyfeets.

Or the left could just “oh cool” and go about their business. (This isn’t my prediction btw. Jes trying to be nice and collegial and all that jazz.)

Bork you say?


Bork Bork Bork


you mean someone is actually going to get a hearing and an up or down vote?


I don’t think there is any guarantee Barrett or Kavanaugh would be confirmed. Kethledge or Hardiman would though.

It’s guaranteed. Anyone Trump puts up will get the vote. Snood McConnell will see to it. The thing is…with bork as a history less…and a pres who doesn’t play games…it will happen. How they’ll pull it off would make a good book. The left will find some reason to cave.

BTW, if it were any of the other 16 contenders who Trump thrashed in office I wouldn’t be making this perdiction. It’s not really hard.

Yahoo has already done a job Barrett because she belonged to some Catholic organization. They then went into detail as to why this isn’t like the Catholic bashing of John Kennedy (which was actually mostly made up) for reasons that make no sense.

I suspect this is because they are afraid of what her position might be on abortion.

Whoever it is, it will be brutal.

One Senator suggested that Democratic Senators should vote against any nominee even if it hurts their chances of re election in November. I like this strategy, because at most this would result in an improved Republican position next year when they could select whomever they wish.

Above I guaranteed to Joane that the nominee would be voted in. However…you are extremely correct. It’s going to be brutal.

I will revise and extend my remarks this much… the nominee will go in if the nominee doesn’t implode under the inhuman pressure. The dems will be all teeth and nails. But it will be for nought. Ceptin’ to make them feel better about losing the supreme courts for a generation or two.

And were the shoe is on the other foot conservatives would be as spitting mad as the lunatic libs are now. The difference, though, is that conservatives would not do what the left is going to do. More, the RINOS in the senate would just vote whoever on in.

Come out of a coma recently, have you?

Don’t care about who he picks at all. Us elite are rarely affected by SC decisions. Most of the SC decisions will hurt the working man. That’s how dumb Trumpsters are.

Yeah. Ol dummy trumpsters keep WINNING while the stompyfeet left keeps LOSING. Fantasy on Ms. bee.


Most SC decisions favor corporations/governments and the very wealthy. Not Trump’s base.

The last one actually helps some workers keep more of their money (right now only government workers) If they don’t like the union politics, they don’t put any money in the union’s hands now. Hopefully that rulling will go toward regular workers as well eventually.

I don’t see why it would hurt their chances. After all, there was less than zero Republican fallout from stealing Merrick Garlands seat, and that was a moderate nomination from a well liked President, as opposed to an extremist nomination from a loser who can’t get more than 45% approval despite peacetime and a ridiculously strong economy.

Bork was a nominee that was given a hearing, and up/down vote, and was critically panned by both sides of the political aisle as being unfit to serve as a SCotUS justice. Not sure how that applies here.


They will lose money because they won’t have any organization to bargain for them for higher wages and benefits.

That is how dumb you Trumpsters are - thinking this was a victory for working man.

And you all wonder why wages have been stagnant for 40 years and benefits have gotten worse while CEO’s earn 400 x’s more than their average employee.

Too dumb for words and apparently will never learn.

Conservatives should be happy Bork was rejected. He was replaced by Kennedy, who just resigned. Bork died in 2012.

People, conservatives in particular, love to lament the loss of “good” manufacturing jobs but the truth is manufacturing jobs kinda stink. They were only good because they paid well and had good insurance and pensions and relatively safe working conditions thanks to unions. Prior to mass unionization manufacturing jobs were downright awful.

Other industries (ahem service sector) could be good and well-paying if we brought back widespread collective bargaining but that’s not in the cards anytime soon.

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“Borking” means something different today.

McConnell can’t force anyone to vote one way or the other. Sure he can twist arms and apply pressure, but in the end each Senator votes the way he/she wants.

The only possible defections though are from Collins and Murkowski. Would be interesting watching two women though stopping the nomination of another woman.

And as we know McConnell can lose no more than a single vote. But I don’t see problems with anyone else, not even Corker and Flake who are anti Trump. They will want a conservative on the court.