Let Freedom Ring!

With Anarchy and Socialism the government(Democrats), tell you what to think, what to believe, what to feel, but with religion, it’s your own choice! So what are you going to chose?
Fall in line, and do what the Liberal Democrats tell you to do?
Or have your own beliefs, and your own choice, like a Free Republican Conservative has?

Yesterday I spent a lot of time going over the Initiatives that are on the ballot in California. Remember, some California government officials are in favor of providing shelter, food, and health care to all who illegally enter the country and come to California. Therefore, I will be voting NO on all the initiatives that require approving any more bonds. If the California government has enough money to announce they will be giving it to everyone who is not a citizen, and who entered illegally, surely they already have more than enough money to build roads, hospitals, dams and waterways and all the other projects they are proposing.

What specific freedoms do religious conservatives have that Democrats don’t?

Please don’t let this question lead you to assume that I am a democrat. I am not.

This is such a hilarious contradiction

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The more bad nouns the better, regardless if they’re contradictions.

Soulless souls
Lawless followers of the law
Mean nice people.
Democrat Republicans.

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With anarchy, the government tells you what to think and believe?

I don’t think you’ve got a great handle on what “anarchy” means.

…used to be the opening song to Sean’s radio show.

What do I win?

I’ve heard cons give variations on that theme for over 40 years. Throwing in illegals is just the newest twist.

Don’t think you’re fooling anyone.

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The media identifies ANTIFA as Socialist/ Anarchists. A total contradiction.They might be socialists, but I don’t think these nit wits could survive day one of true anarchy. Without daddy’s credit card, they would be lost.

ANTIFA folks often consider themselves anarcho-syndicalists. There’s no real contradiction there.

What does that have to do with my post, though?

Not much I guess.

The problem is some of those bond votes are for bonds for projects that were already approved or for maintenance for existing public structures. Are you saying your students do not need to go to school in properly maintained buildings because some people happen to want to care for the foreigner as mandated in scripture?

School bonds, voted on by local voters, are not state initiatives. Those I have always supported. I am speaking of state projects. One that is particularly annoying is voting all these years to support roads and bridges–and the money going somewhere else. Therefore, one of the Initiatives repeals the recent gas tax increase and prevents the government from using these funds for anything else. If passed, the citizens must approve any new gas taxes.

Fooled you…

You’re making no sense…again.

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Do you have an example of this?

A local example here in my neck of the woods is taxes being increased to support fixing roads in the area and then the money being used to buy buses that don’t get used.

The roads are still in bad shape and they want to raise taxes again to fix the roads.

Glad to see you made it back to the forums! Is this your third or fourth incarnation?

You left out be repulsed by the moral cesspool the Republican Party became hitching its wagon to the lie that the only way to beat Hillary was with Donald Trump and forgoing principles for political power, so you register as Independent.