Lesson from the Paradise firestorm: Whole cities can burn down

Or a tree next to a window with fabric curtains

oh man i forgot about the curtains

so a guy with a flamethrower might be able to start a fire at my house

if he aimed his flamethrower at the curtains

Next question.

Exterior of the home is brick. Is it brick on the inside, or do you have wood and sheetrock on the inside? If so what happens if the bricks somehow get heated red hot all the way through? Say a tree falls against a wall and continues burning up against the brick.

we have an exposed brick interior

i love how it looks

the window frames are wood

the curtains are cloth

the furniture is wood mostly

with some plastic

What are the doors made of?

Now the window frames are wood, what happens to them if they catch fire, and the curtains then catch? What is your ceiling made of?

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doors are made out of wood and glass

im looking at my ceiling right now

i cant say that i know what it is made out of

i guess if a neighbor aimed his flamethrower directly at the ceiling

he might do some damage

but maybe not

i wouldnt presume to say

when people look at my house

they say thats a lot of brick

i think it is in style now

according to my brother

who is from the city

One last thing for you to look at.

What is your floor covering? Wood, plastic, Carpet, mixure of all?

I’m just trying to point out how homes that are “fire proof” can catch fire.

Example 3. Say he first throws a rock through a window. Then uses the flamethrower to start something on fire then throw it through the window.

Now apply all this to a home on the edge of a forrest that is burning.

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i guess if a neighbor threw a rock through my window

and then aimed a flamethrower at my ceiling

or my plastic furniture

he could start a good fire

but i think the structure of the house would survive

because it is almost all brick

we could hide in the basement

until the fire passed

or he stopped using his flamethrower

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thanks for all of the advice

now i feel less secure

but i suppose that is good

Now even less secure.

Don’t hide in the basement of a home that may be on fire or could catch on fire. Really Really REALLY bad idea.

but fire burns up

so we would go down

ive never seen fire burn down

Ceiling colapses on floor,. Now your trapped. Floor is now burning your below it. What happens?

I’m not totally sure what you’re talking about. In most cases it’s underbrush and blow downs that burns while leaving live trees intact, only when fire gets hot enough does healthy trees starts burning limbs and canopy.

What they found in Yellowstone was all that deadwood created enough heat to dried healthy trees out so they can be burned.

Ever tried burning green firewood?

we catch fire and start screaming

i guess

Well for starters brick take time to heat up…once warm it hold the heat. So by clearing brush and deadwood around your house most like nothing will happen to exterior walls…your roof will be the weakest link IMO.

Samm would be a good one to ask because I think he’s a building engineer.


now it’s hard to burn drywall, in fact from my understanding drywall puts off steam when heated. Like good guns safes. They are lined with several layers of drywall inside. So with added protection you can put family photos in another fireproof box…can’t remember what it’s called ATM but from my understand it can preserve your negatives.

This right here. In a health forrest, there isn’t much on the ground to burn. The fire goes through fast and “cool” leaving the tops of the tree’s alive and healthy

Unhealthy forrests (one’s that can’t have the natural cycle of fire, or logging in place of) have a lot of down dead tree’s, limbs, branches and other crap piled up. In Arizona in the 1990’s there was a mountain that had several feet of crap all through it because they supressed fire for decades and didn’t allow logging).

When all that crap catches, the fire doesn’t move quickly through the area, it burns hotter, and basically is worse for the forrest than responsible management.

The fire that burned Paradise actually started up further on the mountain. burned through forrest until it got to the town. from there, yes it was embers that started roof’s on fire, siding. Then it starts jumping from house to house.

The reason you see the tree’s still standing in the city . . . no crap uncer the tree’s other than a little grass and bushes that burn fast and cool.

Vinyl will melt, aluminum frame can melt under high heat, windows will shatter, but keep in mind glass is resilient against heat.

So by keeping brush and other burnable materials away from the house it will mostly survive.

Your doors have burn through time. Take your garage door for example. They have ratting for it, like 20 minutes or so.

Again I thing Samm can better answer that.

Exactly, they allowed underbrush and other flammable materials to build up around the town.

This was preventable.

one word.


Indeed, Here is simple video from Ranger Hailey.