Less then a six month into his term Ontario Premier tries to overrule the Constitution

Good old boy Doug Ford is got himself in a big of a hard spot after his bill to reduce the size of the City Council of Toronto was thrown out as unconstitutional.

Doug is trying to use the “notwithstanding clause” within the Federal Charter of Right and Freedoms, which allows the government to override section of the Charter. legally speaking it the last line of defense for the government to over-ride the judicial branch.

Oh. Just Canada.

This will have a pretty major effect on Canadian law this is something that has only been used 5 times before.

also another debate could be if a similar clause would be effective in America to give power back to the legalistival branch since people view the Judical have taken to much control.

The judge, who was a friend of the current mayor…who is attempting to legislate from the bench and overturn the will of those who legally elected Ford, will have his decision overturned in a higher court and expose his political decision.