Less than a week and Biden gets a lose in court . .

A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked President Biden’s attempt to put a moratorium on deportations for 100 days.

After Texas sued over the policy, the judge blocked Biden, via a temporary restraining order, from moving forward for 14 days.

Texas’ lawsuit claims that the administration would be violating an agreement it has with the Department of Homeland Security – and would require at least 180 days’ notice, as well as consultation, prior to implementing changes in immigration policy.

Nice to see, and if it’s an agreement Texas has, the court should make the Biden administrtation follow it.

How long was it before Trump got his first lose in court? Anyone know?


It’s a 14-day TRO, pending a hearing.

Not a “win” for you guys yet.

Every temp order on Trump was a loss according to libs the last 4 years.


Ok, if you want to go with a lowest common denominator win, I’ll give it to you.

Hurrah! Biden lost in court.

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Yes it is.

Oh and hahahahajahahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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If you want it to be a “win”, that’s fine with me.

Whatever floats the boat.

Or sinks the SS Jbiden


Yes, of course.

I’m sure a 14-day TRO regarding a day-one EO is definitely going to “sink” Biden’s Presidency.


It’s my own fault for grabbing the bait.


Just another hole in the deck.

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“You guys”?

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Ditto Mr. Snow. Great observation. Go in peace my Friend.

The “You People” crowd tried to coin a new phrase, Samm. Thank you for focusing on it. One my say that the " You People" crowd will parrot or mimic what we have pointed out. Thank you for bringing that up.

Remember Sleepy Joe claims he "Choose Truth Over Facts’ whatever the heck that means.

Yet you had no troubles with “alternative facts”. :man_shrugging:

Are you Biden splaining?


Didn’t his press secretary already have to do that when Biden said the trajectory of Covid can’t be stopped?


I know its been a rough couple months for you Trumpers…If this gets ya through today, good for you…lol.

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Off to a rousing start…lol

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Not feeling the unity yet?

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