Legislating Fatherhood?

The Bill

Interesting. I am struggling with this.

horrible idea

I get the intentions, but this feels like a flawed way to go about it.

I’m not sure.

“Expressing the sense…”


I never knew his name until I heard that he wanted to legislate fatherhood.

That aside, if we’re talking about repairing the Nuclear Family, I’m on board by default. The devil is in the details.


the dissolution of the family is brought on by the societal bulldozer left and democrats over decades. they treat blacks like they’re stupid as they continue to vote for them in the 90’s of percent for god knows what reason. the left decimates (inner) cities and it just keeps getting worse.

setting a slight tax break or pro-dad programs for ex cons won’t do squat against the societal atomic bomb that is the democrats

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First…define a male? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


I’m kind of ok with “a sense of Congress”, it gets the discussion going.

But Congress? Government?

Has to be social concept promoted through media/entertainment etc…not government IMO.

Government has done enough damage.


An emotional perspective

This was a better idea from the last Administration so of course the “build back broke” Biden stopped it.

Opportunity Zones | U.S. Senator Tim Scott of South …
Opportunity Zones, a bipartisan initiative authored by Senator Tim Scott and enacted through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, empowered the governors of each state to designate economically-distressed communities that were ripe for investment and tie them to a brand new federal tax incentive to drive private investment into our nation’s most distressed zip codes.

What does enclaves and picking winners and losers have to do with the fail of American men?

This issue and whatever legislation there might be need extreme exposure and to become a hot button issue or something along those lines. It needs to be in the news until people are sick to death of hearing about it. A national discussion as big as racial issues after the George Floyd killing.

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Clinton did that. It helped a little. Only a little.

IMO…Democrat policies are the failure of the American man, and the failure of America in general.

Both Sen Scotts Government solution and Rep Owens solution have merit in addressing the issues of depressed enclaves of minority communities and whether I like one more than the other means nothing because our “let’s go Brandon” President and his political party will shut down both because both possible solutions come from Republicans.

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Government financially replacing the father in the home is the root cause, removing that is also the solution.

Stop paying people to be single.


I agree with the resolutions. Bill doesn’t really do anything though, does it?

Oh no, there are republican men failing to show up too.

This is a cultural struggle, not a situation that legislation can fix. About the only thing that legislatures could do is end public subsidies to single motherhood with the hope that economic pain would modify individual activity. But the damage is already done.