Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


Would everyone agree all drugs should be over-the-counter–no prescriptions needed?


No. Legalized does not mean uncontrolled.


I’m all for legalizing everything, but it’s a political nonstarter.

In the last ten years, the widespread legalization/decriminalization/“medical” thing with pot has made it signficantly less cool with Gen Z/Gen Alpha. Stats back this up. And anecdotally, managing big staffs of mostly young women, it’s shocking how few of them are pot smokers. Ten, fifteen years ago, almost everyone I worked with in the service industry smoked.


That’s why I always ask someone who’s raging against weed if they’ve ever tried it. Because if they had, I really can’t see how they’d be so dead set against it. You’re high for a little while, and then it’s gone.


The wall isn’t working… We need a new boogeyman to keep the sheep in line.

Drugs worked for the Reagans…

Okay, try that again.


Most are elderly and think “Reefer Madness” is a thing.


Lol. I’m not what anyone would call young. The difference may be that I tried it way back probably in 1969, and can’t imagine why it wasn’t legalized then, when it was less strong. But yes, so many of these rants do sound very much like the person has just watched Reefer Madness. Violence, criminal activity, mental illness…


It’s funny, I’ve had probably a dozen cops tell me that they’d rather smoke pot than drink booze because they’re a thousand percent less trouble.


:slight_smile: How much less trouble would they be if they did neither?


That doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been around drinkers and smokers, and the drinkers are almost always more inclined to causing trouble. :slight_smile:



This is a false statement. Eating marijuana cannot cause “death” - and the only “harm” that could happen is getting too high.


People have vices. If you eat nothing but grilled chicken or fish, brown rice and steamed vegitables for every meal, consume no sugars, etc I commend you. If not, you shoudnt throw stones.


That’s key. Looking at addiction as a medical issue instead of a criminal issue, which comes from religious moralizing.


I am not throwing stones. I am asking a question. I can’t form an opinion on one or the other because I am one of the few who cannot drink and have adverse reactions to even over-the-counter medications–including aspirin. Since I have no choice but to do without, I am simply asking. And, yes, I also react to sugar, so there is that as well. I have a lot more energy when I do without. Love brown rice, but I prefer beef to fish. :wink:


Wrong there has been an uptick of marijuana overdose in children in CO since it has become legal. Some of those children have been critical condition when they were brought into the ER. No one will know until much later how many lasting effects their overdoses will have until they are older.


None of this is true.

A “marijuana overdose” means you fall asleep. That’s it.


Probably mostly due to edibles. Im about as pro marijuana you can get, but edibles need to be regulated and shops need to be clear about their potency. When you buy a brownie, you eat the hole thing. If you buy a marijuana brownie, you normally should not. Either way, I’d like to see a link to what you are talking about.


They are regulated and show dosages now. In the early days that wasn’t the case. I have read that more kids are being taking to the OR, but I don’t believe I’ve read anything about any of them being in critical condition…


It is physiologically impossible for a marijuana edible, absent any additional issues, to put someone in critical condition.

People freak out and go to the hospital because they’re too high.


Yep. I’ve never heard of a single person being in a critical condition because of weed alone.