Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


Just like painkillers which kill something like 80,000 Americans a year.


No he’s not


for 300$ in pretty much every single state in America I can walk into a doctor office and get perscirbe high dose opidos (which is what Heroin is) perfectly legally by saying I hurt my back.


Because no matter how many times people vote against it, they’ll keep
trying to get it legalized along with every other current illegal drug.

Sooner than later, people can simply drive everywhere legally under the influence of
crack, or meth, or acid, or exstasy, or heroin. They can take it with them
without having to worry about getting into trouble for it, and having it on them.

Gangs won’t have to worry about selling illegal drugs anymore, because everyone will be allowed to have it.


I love how people are so opposed to weed yet legal opioids are killing tens of thousands of American every year.


Alex Berenson’s theory has been discredited by multiple sources including those whose expertise he relied on

Even more damning is some of the criticism from the folks whose expertise Berenson claims to be drawing from. Ziva Cooper is the research director for UCLA’s Cannabis Research Initiative and served as a committee member on the 468-page National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report cited by Berenson and Gladwell. In a conversation with Rolling Stone , Cooper asserts that Berenson completely misunderstood the report’s conclusions around schizophrenia. “To say that we concluded cannabis causes schizophrenia, it’s just wrong, and it’s meant to precipitate fear,” she says. Rather, the scientists found an association between schizophrenia and cannabis use, but do not yet have enough evidence to determine causality. As Cooper puts it: “People who have schizophrenia are also known to be very heavy tobacco smokers, but we don’t say that tobacco causes schizophrenia.”


are those bootlegging gangs from the 1900’s still around?


is driving undet the influence of booze legal in America?


Why are you so hinged on whether I’ve smoked weed or not? Do I need to eat rat poison in order to tell you it’s bad too? How about drinking gasoline?

And why haven’t you read any of the sources I’ve posted? Are you afraid of something?


simply because something is bad doesn’t mean it should be illegal booze is 100% more dangerous then weed yet its a billion dollar industry.


That’s because people get addicted to it, and abuse it.

Just like illegal drugs, that would be legal.

Hey, if they legalize every drug out there, then Hundreds of thousands of Americans can die each year instead of 80k.


And what about the British Lung Foundation (the UK counterpart of the American Lung Association)….are they idiots too?


I don’t like clicking on links to places I’m not familiar with. I keep asking if you’ve ever smoked weed because I’m interested in how it made you feel - angry and violent, or laid back and happy.


The WoD has been an endless money pit that has ruined countless lives and done absolutely nothing to curb our drug addiction and access to drugs.

Al it’s done is bloat our prison population. There is not a single thing you can point to as being a success.

Look at Portugal. They’ve decriminalized drugs and treat addiction as a medical issue, not a criminal one. And it’s been wildly successful.

So we absolutely should decriminalize drugs. The data bears it out. Yet the mantra of the right seems to be to ignore imperical evidence if it doesn’t fit the preconceived worldview.


I addressed it in showing how Alex Berenson has been discredited by even the experts he used to lay out his assertion


Yes, you can. And you can believe it or not, but weed has reduced the frequency of my migraines from 2-3 times per week to maybe once every 2-3 months, if even that.


So is it good to make bad things legal?

I guess that’s why Democrat Politicians made it ok to murder
innocent babies.


I thought you were concerned about pot smokers hurting others? How does them getting cancer do that?


Well crack, heroin, or acid might make you have 0 migraines all together.

What if murdering someone else made your migraines go to way altogether?
Would that ok for you to murder someone then?

Where is the line ever drawn!?


You can’t drive anywhere legally under the influence of any of the drugs you listed. Is it a bad thing that gangs won’t be selling illegal drugs?