Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


Rape is a violent crime against another person. Smoking a joint while unwinding on the computer is not


supposedly he paid for sex from an illegal escort service.
Yet another Dem male Politician, being another Dem male politician.


Does smoking pot lead to schizophrenia, and violent crime?

Yes it does, so yeah others do get harmed by smoking weed.


No, it does not lead to shizophrenia and violent crime. Have you ever smoked weed?


■■■■■■■ is behind decriminalizing mushrooms?

Or shall I say, Denver’s mayor, since this place filters his name lol.


Just like Abortion wasn’t? and Obama doing an Executive Order for Obamacare.


no it doesn’t.


In what way will it be forced down the American Peoples throats?


Abortion was legalized by Supreme Court.
and Obamacare was legalized by Congress.


From a New York Times reporter.

From the British Lung Foundation.

There is a definite link between weed, schizophrenia, and violent crime.


Are Democratic Politicians Forcing “Political Correctness” on America?

Yes. Yes, they’re.


Medical weed is used to treat schizophrenia.


how so? is someone from the government personally following you around and slapping everytime you say something offense?


Isn’t “medical weed” used to treat and cure everything?


No it isn’t.


No there isn’t. Weed might not be good for people with mental health problems, but it does not cause them. As for violent crime, I ask you again - have you ever smoked weed?

The NT times reporter - Maureen Dowd?


No. Cannabis is becoming increasingly legal because it’s what the majority of the American public want and are voting for


Nope, you’re wrong. Stop getting your studies from NORMAL.


I mean if a person wants weed enough, than I’m sure they can make up an excuse and get it prescribed pretty easily. Or at least pretty easily in the states that legalized pot.


That 2012 study isn’t backed by any evidence.